Artist Sketch Book Large With Pencils 0

This Artist Sketch Book Large With Pencils is a great set for a child (or even an adult) who loves to draw. It comes with a high quality sketchbook that has some nice and thick paper. Also included are a set of 6 pencils. These are perfect for drawing and included are HB, B, 2B, 4B, 2H, and 4H.

At only five bucks this is a really practical, fun and affordable gift. It works very well as a stocking stuffer or even as a gift for something like a good report card. If you know someone who loves to doodle and raw, you are helping them keep interested in their art and that is pretty cool.


  • Jason Delacey

Mazecraft Adventures 0

If you have a child and they like video games…. They like Minecraft! There are a ton of Minecraft things out there, but this Mazecraft Adventures book is really cool. It features Steve (well they do not call him Steve, but you know it is) going on all kinds of fun adventures and what is really awesome about it is that this is not just a regular storybook. There is a lot of interactivity in this Mazecraft Adventures book.


Each page has some kind of puzzle that your child can figure out. It can be something like being stuck in a whirlpool and needing to find treasure while avoiding sharks. Or something like finding out which wizard is the imposter by spotting the difference between the two. If you know a Minecraft fan and want to get them something other than another video game or a Minecraft toy. This Mazecraft Adventures is something they will have a lot of fun with.


  • Jason Delacey

Baby Einstein - Pop Up Play-a-Sound Book & Flashlight Set - Bedtime for Baby Animals 0

You are going to have a very hard time finding a more adorable bedtime book than this Baby Einstein - Pop Up Play-a-Sound Book & Flashlight Set - Bedtime for Baby Animals book. Not only is this book super adorable, but it is also going to be great for calming your child down right before they go to bed.

The book tells a story of little animals who are getting ready for bed. It comes with a little flashlight that your child can shine onto the book to see what animal is going to bed next. Is it the bird, the cat, the dog or the frog? Let them figure it out and then press the button on the flashlight so the animal can make a fun noise. This is a lot of fun and great for you and your child to bond over. Actually, this is also a very nice gift if you know someone who has a little child that likes to read at bedtime.


  • Jason Delacey

Adorable Pups - My Mini Busy Books 0

There are a ton of Busy Books on the market right now, but the line has been kicked up a notch (or downsized?) with the adorable My Mini Busy Books line. These are aimed at younger kids and as a result, they are super cute. This particular book tells the tale of four adorable little puppies who get into all kinds of trouble.

The set comes with a very well made board book that you can read to them. It also comes with these four little puppy action figures. Once the book is taken out of the package. The package then becomes a little playset for the puppies. This means that your child can then recreate the story or come up with their own.  This Adorable Pups - My Mini Busy Books is perfect if you have a child who likes to read and likes to use their imagination to play. It really is a lot of fun, plus it is only a little over ten bucks!


  • Jason Delacey