Children’s Books Viral Top Five Reasons Kids Need To Read More


Learning to read is something that every child needs to be exposed to from as young an age as possible. Children who are as young as two can actually read and 99/100 kids this age who can read, have been exposed to reading very early by their families.

Today I am sharing with you the main reasons as to why kids need to read more. So, turn of Disney Junior, make them stop playing Fortnite and do what you can to encourage your child to take a bigger interest in reading.


Vocabulary & Comprehension

Not only is reading about the fun Mickey and Donald get up to fun, but it will also be teaching your child plenty of new words that they can add to their vocabulary. For older children, reading more “advanced” books are going to greatly expand the number of words that they recognise. By getting your child to read more regularly you are not just ensuring their head is filled with words, you are helping fill their heads with words that they can actually comprehend.

Reading also teachings your child the meaning of words. Sometimes they may ask you what does a word mean, but that is all just part of the learning process. The more your child reads, the better they will get at it and the more words they will understand. It sounds simple and that is because it is! If your child reads more, they will become better at reading!


Reading Is Fun & Improves Their Imagination

You may be thinking that getting your 10-year-old to turn of Mario Kart and read a book is a losing battle, but it does not have to be! Reading can be a lot of fun, there are thousands of books out there for each and every child and finding the right one for your child is what is going to make them see reading is fun. Let’s say they like video games, well get them a book that is based on a video game character! You do not want a child to just associate reading with school. You want them to think of it as being fun also.

Reading is also a great way for a child to let their imagination fly. It can be with a comic book or a simple board book, but no matter what they are reading, their minds will be racing with thoughts and ideas. As a child gets older and is able to read books that are not just filled with pictures, this is when their imagination is really going to go into overdrive. Before this though, they need to read as much as they can so they can actually read properly!


Knowledge Is Power!

The more you read the more you know and knowing is half the battle! Well, that is what a popular 80s kids TV show said, but it is actually true. Your child can learn so much about the world by reading books. I am not saying you have to put an encyclopedia in front of them and have them read that. Get them a book that is educational, but also fun. Disney does a whole series of books based on the world that uses their characters to actually teach. There are books other than Disney ones that do this too!

The more your child reads the more they will learn it is as simple as that. Many studies have been done that actually show that the earlier a child learns to read the better equipped they are for taking on the challenges when they get to school! They cannot understand what they cannot read! Showing a child that a book can teach them all kinds of cool things about the world and stuff, in general, is a great way to get them to read more.


Reading Makes Your Child Smarter

Ok so this one here is straight to the point, but this is not some kind of “bluff” it is an actual fact that reading makes your child smarter. When a child reads, they are taking in a lot of stuff. This is not just in regards to “educational” books either. They will be picking up all sorts of information from every book they read. It could be something like a brand-new word, or finding out what a particular word means or even learning a whole new fact! There really is no end to what a child can learn from a book.

Two well-known researchers known as Cunningham and Stannovich did a great study about this. They found that when a child reads more this can actually make up if they are of a more modest cognitive ability. That may not sound like a nice thing to say, but the facts speak for themselves. A child who reads more and takes an active interest in reading is going to learn more and have a better understanding of what is going on around them.


Regular Reading Improves Writing And Communication

Children who read more often have a much easier time when it comes to writing at school. We may not be talking about exactly how neat their handwriting is. It is more that they are able to get their thoughts out much clearer and more precise than children who do not read. This is because they are always learning about grammar and how sentences should come together. This means when it is time for them to write, they have a better grasp of how to do it properly.

A child who reads more will also be better at communicating their thoughts. Not just to children, but people like their parents and teachers. Reading teaches them how to communicate better and this can come in very handy as they get older and have more challenging situations that they need to deal with in school and in life in general.


These are just a handful of the reasons as to why kids need to read more. Truth be told there are many, many reasons why. Take your child to the library and get them to pick a book. If that does not work take them to a cheap bookstore and let them pick any book they want. Letting them pick what they read is sure to make it more interesting for them than being forced to read a particular book.

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