Disney Busy Books To Keep The Kids Busy


We have no shortage of Disney books here at Dave’s Deals. We have books for kids of all ages, but one of the most popular series that we have is our range of Busy Books. These have proven to be insanely popular with kids all over the world and we have managed to secure the best of the best when it comes to Disney Busy Books.

What the heck is a Disney Busy Book? Well, Busy Books are a great idea in that they not only encourage a child to read. A Busy Book also has toys included with it as well as a playmat. The idea here is that your child can read the book and then use their imagination to come up with their own stories with the figures and the play mat. So not only are they reading, they are using their imagination as well. Each Busy Book has a little area to keep the figures and the playmat nice and safe when playtime is over.

If you want to know a bit more about some of the different Disney Busy Books we have. Keep on reading as here is just a sample of the different Busy Books that we have featuring your child (and yours too) favourite Disney characters that are located in our Dumbo sized Disney products collection


Busy Books For Disney Junior Fans

Disney Junior is awesome and we do have some fantastic Disney books based on characters and shows from Disney Junior. Here we have our Busy Books that contain your child’s favourite Disney Junior shows.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Busy Book

When it comes to Disney Junior, you do not get much more iconic than this! This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Busy Book is awesome! It comes with 12 mini figures such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and even that trouble maker Pete! Also included is a large playmat that features locations from the show. The book is actually really cool too as it tells a story from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show so kids will love to read it with you.



Vampirina is one of the newer generations of Disney Junior shows. Included in this Vampirina is just what you would expect from a Busy Book. It contains your 12 mini figures, including Vampirina and her little buddies of course. The playmat has locations from the show and the board book tells a fun story that your child will love to read at storytime with you.


Puppy Dog Pals

Our Puppy Dog Pals is proving to be one of the most popular that we have here at Dave’s Deals. Not only does this awesome Busy Book come with Rolly and Bingo it has many of the other pups and characters from the TV show. This is one of Disney Juniors biggest hits right now and it is easy to see why this one is so popular. If you know a child who loves this show, they are going to have a lot of fun with this.


Minnie Mouse

Next up we have one for the little ladies out there (and the boys too of course) and that is our Minnie Mouse. Of course, you are getting a little Minnie Mouse figure with this set. It also comes with Mickey, Donald and a whole host of other characters too! What makes this a great set is that while it is called “Minnie Mouse” this is actually based on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV series and the playmat actually has the inside of the Clubhouse on it and that is something kids will think is really cool.



Busy Books For Disney Princesses

Some of the most popular Disney books that we have are those based on the Disney Princesses. There are some really great Disney Princess Busy Books and these are some of the best ones you can get!


Disney Princess Great Adventures

The Disney Princess Great Adventures shows that these are some very cool and action packed Princesses. This is a great set if you have a child who likes the Princesses being “girly” but also showing that they can kick butt too! Jasmin, Ariel, Mulan, and Snow White are just some of the figures this fantastic set has to offer.


Beauty and the Beast

Thanks to the movie this Beauty and the Beast has proven to be very popular. This is actually based on the classic movie and the figures are great! You, of course, have Belle and the Beast. Also included are characters like Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and that dastardly Gaston! The story is just lovely and the playmat is based on different parts of the movies, mainly the incredible Beasts Castle!


Disney Princesses

Next up we have the incredible Disney Princesses. This is the perfect book for any little fan of the Disney Princesses. Here your child can read and learn all about the different Disney Princess characters. It comes with 12 highly detailed Disney Princess figurines which are fun to use on the playmat and also to display. Belle, Pocahontas, Tiana, and Aurora are just some of the different figures and characters featured in the book.



Busy Books From The Big Screen & Beyond

Here we have some fantastic Disney books that showcase some of the most popular Disney movies. If you know a little Disney fan who loves all things, Disney, you will find the right Busy Book for them here.


Disney Classics

Now, this is great! Your child will have to watch out if you get them the Disney Classics busy book. The reason for this is that it features stories and figures from Disney movies you grew up with so you might want them for yourself.  Characters from Lady & The Tramp, Pinocchio, Alice & Wonderland and Peter Pan are all included here! Mix the characters and create your own fun Disney stories with this great set.


Disney Brave Buddies

If you know a Disney fan who likes the more action-packed side of Disney then this Disney Brave Buddies  Busy Book is what you need to get! Monsters, The Incredibles, Cars and Finding Nemo are the movies featured in this Busy Book. The stories here are a bit more “action” oriented and that is cool. Plus, the figures have a real dynamic look to them which kids will really enjoy.


Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Now, this is a truly amazing Busy Book! Instead of being another retelling of the movie Frozen. The Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Busy Book offers something new and interesting. The story is very funny and charming and the figures and playmat are even cooler! Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Sve, and all your favourites are included here! If you want a Frozen gift that is “cool” you cannot go wrong with this.



When it comes to finding the best Disney books for kids, we assure you that they really will love any of these Disney Busy Books. These are just a selection of the ones we have! So be sure to have a good look at our Disney products collection to see them all!

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