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When it comes to Disney books based on Disney Junior style characters, our Disney products section is the place you want to be! One of the best things that Disney did was create Disney Junior.

With Disney Junior, Disney was able to take some of their most popular characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. As well as introduce a whole bunch of new ones such as Sofia the First, Jake & the Neverland Pirates and Doc McStuffin’s to name just a few of them.

These kinds of characters are fantastic when it comes to getting a younger child to take an interest in reading. We have a great selection of gift ideas that kids will not just find fun. They could be what sparks a real desire to love books!

Here we are looking at a few Disney Junior based products that would make for a great birthday or Christmas gift or even as just a special gift for a special occasion.


Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad

This Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad is a great gift idea for any little cowpoke. As far as Disney books go this one is a lot of fun. It features a drawing pad so they can draw what the books tasks them with as well as their own ideas! They can help Sheriff Callie and the rest of the gang clean up the Wild West! One page can have your child drawing one of Callie’s friend and the next solving a puzzle!


Sofia the First 3 Book Play-a-Sound Set

The first princess of Disney Junior shines in this Sofia the First 3 Book Play-a-Sound Set. This is a great gift idea if you want a child to see how cool books are. This set comes with three books that also make sounds with the press of a button. Each book clips into the sound module and your child will have fun pressing the buttons when the story tells them to. Each book has some truly lovely artwork that your child will really love.  


Decorate & Play Disney Junior

 When it comes to great Disney books for Disney Junior fans this Decorate & Play Disney Junior is tough to beat! It comes with a ton of stickers, posters, play scenes, decals and more for your child to play with. What is fun about this is that it has all their favourite characters from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to Jake & the Neverland Pirates. This is going to keep them busy for hours on end. Just be warned, your child will probably want to put some of these stickers on you!


Disney Minnie – Books & Blocks

This Disney Minnie – Books & Blocks is a great gift idea for fans of the Minnie Mouse show on Disney Junior. This is a large sized board book that has a great story for them to read. It also comes with two figures, one of Daisy and one of Minnie and your child will need to build them together as they are reading the story with you.


Doc McStuffins - Stuck On Stories

The Doc is in with this Doc McStuffins - Stuck On Stories book. These Stuck on Stories have proven to be very popular with kids of all ages. Not only do you get to fix up all the sick toys in the story. It comes with these 10 figures that can be stuck into the storybook! Certain parts will give your child a little “puzzle” where they need to stick a certain character in a certain spot of the book. These kind of books are a great way to introduce a child into the world of reading in a more fun way.


Mickey Mouse My First Library

When it comes to Disney books based on Disney Junior shows, you do not get much more iconic than the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This Mickey Mouse My First Library is the perfect way to introduce a child to the world of books. This set contains 12 fun little board books. Sizes, shapes, picnic time and ABC’s are just some of the fun books that they can read with you at story time. Also, this comes in a super adorable box that can keep all the books nice and safe.


My First Look And Find: Jake And The Netherland Pirates

Go on a wild Neverland adventure with this My First Look And Find Jake And The Netherland Pirates book. Your child along with Jake, Cubby, and Scully need to find all the items on each page to make sure that Neverland is just how it needs to be. This is a really fun book and one that you and your child can have a great deal of fun with during story time. This great as it is an interactive storybook so it is extra fun and special.


Busy Books Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

As far as Disney books that also encourage your child to play, you do not get better than this Busy Books Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. With this, your child is getting a really cool Mickey Mouse Clubhouse story to read, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. It also comes with 12 mini figures! These include Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisey and the rest of your child’s favourite characters. They can play with these on the included playmat that looks like the clubhouse!



These are just some of the great gift ideas that we have which are based on different characters and shows from Disney Junior. Disney Junior is a great way for a child to learn while playing and if that can also develop a love for reading then that is super cool.

Be sure to keep coming back and checking out our Disney products section as we are always adding in new products. These include Disney toys, Disney books, Disney games and much more! We know the power of Disney and you can use that power to bond with your child and help them learn as they have fun.

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