Disney Stuck On Stories Let Your Child Play And Read

One of the things that you will notice about our Disney books is that we have a ton of books that are fun to play with as well as read. We have Disney Products in all shapes and sizes as you can see, but today we are taking a closer look at our range of Disney Stuck On Stories.


What Is A Disney Stuck On Story?

That is a great question and we have called in Toodles from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to answer it for you and this is what he said. A Stuck On You Storybook is a “board book” that also comes with these really cool suction cup backed mini figures. The idea is that your child sticks them into the story where they feel that they fit best.

Some books also have little games that your child can play. For example, picking the right character for the right silhouette. These really are some of the best Disney Books you can get right now!


Stuck On Stories For Disney Junior Fans

If you have a preschool aged child running around your home then you are no doubt all too familiar with Disney Junior! We have some great Stuck On Stories that are based on some of the most popular Disney shows that are on Disney Junior right now.


Disney Minnie Mouse

This has proven to be a very popular Disney Junior show and it is one of our most popular series around. This Disney Minnie Mouse Stuck On Story tells a fun story, but it does not just feature Minnie and Daisy. All the rest of the Clubhouse gang are here such as Mickey, Donald, and Pluto! Little Minnie Mouse fans will have an awesome time with this set.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We go from Minnie to all the Clubhouse gang in this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Stuck On Story Book. You cannot go wrong when it comes to little kids with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. While this set features stuck on characters of the main cast. This also features some really cool characters as well such as Chip & Dale and even that big trouble maker Pete… you better keep an eye on him!


Doc McStuffins

The ultimate toy doctor is in with this fantastic Doc McStuffins Stuck On Stories set. Some Disney Books like to teach a good message and that is the case with this one here. You, of course, get the fun little Doc McStuffins suction cup figure and all the toys that she cares for. However, this is a book that has a really nice message to it too which is cool.


Disney The Lion Guard

This Disney Lion Guard Suction Stories book is actually a bit different from many of the other books we have looked at. While you still get the board book and 10 awesome suction cupped backed figures. This one here also has a game board with it too. This is pretty awesome as The Lion Guard is a great show and as well as promoting reading, this book also has a fun game the whole family can play.


Stuck On Stories Based On Pixar Movies

There really is not a bad Pixar movie is there? These are movies that are just as much fun for mum and dad as they are the kids so that makes these books something you can all enjoy. If you have a child who is a fan of Disney Pixar movies, these are the Stuck On Stories that they will enjoy.


The Incredibles 2

With The Incredibles 2 Stuck On Stories book, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. You get 10 awesome Incredibles suction cupped figures that cover the whole family, the villains, and that raccoon! However, you also get a really cool board game board with this as well. So, kids can read the story, play the game and then play a game thanks to the included board.



All of the figures that these Stock On Stories come with are cool. Coco though might have the coolest of the bunch! You can read about the awesome movie with this and of course stick those figures where you feel they go best. Coco is a really deep and emotional movie and this is a great way for your child to think more about the lessons that the movie taught.


Cars 3

Kids of all ages love Cars so if you know a little kid who loves Mater, you cannot go wrong with this Cars 3 Stuck On Stories book. The movie is great and this book features parts of that. Plus, your child is going to have a great time with the 10 different Cars stuck on figures that it comes with. Lightning McQueen, Mater, Mack and all of the rest are included here.


Stuck On Stories For Little Princesses

Kids go nuts for the Disney Princesses and these are the best Stuck On Stories books that you can get for Disney Princess fans.



Moana was a movie that had it all! With this Moana Stuck On Stories book, your child can relive some of the scenes from the movie. As well as this there is a game and also a few what you could describe as puzzles for them to do. With this, your child can help Moana, Maui and even Hei Hei and Pau save the day.


Sofia The First

This Sofia The First Stuck On Stories book is great for little preschool Disney Princess fans. You do not get a much more adorable princess than little Sofia here. Your child is going to have a lot of fun reading this with you at story time and even more, fun putting the different Sofia The First suction cupped figures in the right place… or just wherever they want!



These are some of the best Disney Books from our Stuck On Stories range in our Disney Products section. While we have just looked at books based on Disney characters here. We also have Stuck On Stories about other things like Spider-Man, Batman and Paw Patrol to name just a few.

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