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If you want some Disney books, toys, and games that are based on the awesome Toy Story 4, you have well and truly come to the right place. Kids cannot get enough of Woody, Buzz, Jessie and now Forky too! Check out our Disney Products section where we have all kinds of Toy Story 4 gifts for little and big Toy Story fans.

It is more than fair to say that Toy Story 4 managed to live up to expectations. What was cool about it was that it was a movie that kids and grown-ups could both really enjoy. That is whey many of the Toy Story toys, games and books we are looking at here can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Toy Story 4 - Little Sound Book

This Toy Story 4 - Little Sound Book really is awesome! It is the perfect gift when it comes to Disney books for little Toy Story fans. The book tells the events of the movie, but it has a sound module so your child can be part of the story. Many of the new characters like Forky and Duke Kaboom will make sounds that go along with the story. Not only is this fun, but it will also encourage your child to read.


Toy Story 4 Fish Card Game

Next up we have the very low priced, but highly fun Toy Story 4 Fish Card Game.  If you are looking for some Toy Story 4 fun that is close to five bucks, you cannot go wrong with this. Go Fish is always a fun game that the family can pay together. As these cards feature Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, Rex and the rest of the gang. You and your kids will have a great time trying to put all the characters together.


Toy Story 4 Slinky Dog Plush

While you could make the argument that he was really underused in this latest movie. The fact of the matter is, kids still love Slinky Dog. With this awesome, Toy Story 4 Slinky Dog Plush your child can snuggle up on the couch and read one of their Disney books while having fun with this adorable plush Slinky Dog. There are a million Buzz, Woody and Jessie plush toys out there, so get them a different character, like Slinky Dog here.


Toy Story 4 Signature Puzzle

You can help your child go to infinity and beyond with this fantastic Toy Story 4 Signature Puzzle. This is a bit of an “intergalactic” puzzle as it comes in a really cool tin that is made to look like the Buzz Lightyear toy packaging from the movie. It has 48 pieces so while challenging, it is something that kids (maybe with a little help from their toys) will be able to have fun putting together.


Toy Story 4 Press-O-Matic Game

The Toy Story 4 Press-O-Matic Game is the latest Press-O-Matic Game we have added to our collection. This is a game for 2 to 4 players and each player gets to be a Toy Story character! You can play as Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, and Forky. The winner is the first toy who manages to get all of their pieces home. Kids love these games as they are simple to learn the rules of and using the Press-O-Matic dice is a lot of fun.


Toy Story 4 - Look and Find

Kids love these Look and Find Disney Books and this Toy Story 4 - Look and Find is our latest one. These books are a ton of fun. There are many scenes from the movie here and the idea is that your child needs to find all of the hidden objects on each page. One page they could be helping Bonnie find her favorite toys, the next they could be helping Woody and the gang escape from the antique store.


Toy Story 4 Slinky Dog Wind Up Toy

If you are looking for a fun, but also very affordable Toy Story 4 toy, check out this really cool, Toy Story 4 Slinky Dog Wind Up Toy.  For close to ten bucks, your child can feel like they are Woody as they go on adventures with their pal, Slinky Dog. Kids will really find it funny how Slinky can walk along the floor once he is wound up! Kids who love Toy Story will really like adding this to their collection.


Toy Story 4 Snap Card Game

If you want a low-cost way to have some family fun in the house or even when you are away on vacation. Then check out this awesome, Toy Story 4 Snap Card Game. Snap is a game that never gets old and that is especially true for this version here. You and the kids will have to pay attention as you try to find the matching cards. You better especially watch out for Forky as we heard that he is always trying to jump in the bin! This is great if the kids want to take a break from their Disney books and have some fun with their siblings and mum and dad.


Toy Story 4 Memory Game

What is really cool about this Toy Story 4 Memory Game is that while it is a game and a lot of fun. This is something that actually helps a child develop their problem-solving skills and memory too! Each card has some fantastic Toy Story 4 artwork on it featuring characters like Rex, Forky, Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep and all the rest of the characters from the movie. The game is very easy to learn to play and it takes no time at all to set up. The person who matches the most toys is the winner!


As you can tell from our Disney Products section. Here at Dave’s Deals, we are huge fans of Toy Story 4 like you and your kids are. That is why we have added so many fun Toy Story 4 products to our page! We are looking to add more too so no matter if you want Disney games, Disney books or Disney toys that have your favorite Toy Story 4 characters. Make sure you keep checking back here.



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