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While we have all kinds of Disney books here at Dave’s Deals. One thing that you may notice we have a lot of in our Disney Products section is interactive books! No matter what characters your child likes, we make sure to have them here.

They could like to build a snowman with Olaf or help Mickey make sure that the Clubhouse is ready for the party! No matter what kind of Disney your child likes. We will have a book that they will not just have a lot of fun with. This book could very well be what makes your child develop a real love for reading.

Here we are looking at some of the best interactive books that we have in our Disney section. From books that can talk to books that encourage them to sing, we have an awesome selection for you to check out!


Disney Junior Minnie Mouse - Best Friends Tea Party

For kids who love the Minnie Mouse show on Disney Junior, this is one of the best Disney books that we have. The Disney Junior Minnie Mouse - Best Friends Tea Party tells a fun story where Minnie and Daisy come across a genie in their teapot! This is not only a fun story; it also comes with a little teapot that makes sounds to go along with the story. It also comes with some really cute teacups as well.


Mickey & Friends Let's Go - Book and Flashlight Set

This Mickey & Friends Let's Go - Book and Flashlight Set is an awesome book for little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans. It, of course, has a fun story, but it is far more than that. It comes with a really fun flashlight, but shining it in mums’ eyes is not the only fun they can have! This is a pop-up book and the idea is that your child uses the flashlight to learn about shadows.


Mickey & Friends Microphone Book Box

While getting the Mickey & Friends Microphone Book Box for a child may sound like the worst idea in the world! This is something they will have a whole lot of fun with. The microphone lets them belt out 24 different songs (man of which have been on the show) and it makes all kinds of fun noises too! Plus, the included book is super adorable so you guys will have fun reading it together. 


Star Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set)

Next up we have something for little Star Wars fans! This Star Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set) is a similar idea to the Mickey one we just looked at. This one though tells the story of The Force Awakens movie. The flashlight is really cool as it looks just like Kylo Ren’s lightsabre. Kids might have to watch out as dad might want this for himself.


Disney Princess Lift a Flap Play-a-Sound - Once Upon An Adventure

We have lots of Disney books about Disney Princesses and this one here is a lot of fun. This Disney Princess Lift a Flap Play-a-Sound - Once Upon An Adventure is a great first Disney Princess book for a little Princess. Each page tells a fun story featuring characters like Belle, Jasmine, and Rapunzel. Your child can interact with the stories thanks to the 10 different sound buttons that the book has. It even has flaps that offer little secrets all throughout the book! This is sure to be a big hit and a highly requested book for story time each night!


Disney Baby Little My Own Phone

Now, this is an awesome gift idea for a very young Disney fan in the making! The Disney Baby Little My Own Phone is a great way for your child to have fun and also stop messing around with your phone too! It comes with this really cool little toy phone that has 13 different sounds on it. It can make all fun animal sounds which comes in handy as it also includes a book where Mickey and Pluto teach your child about animals. You guys are going to have more fun here than at Donald’s last big birthday bash at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!


Disney My First Smart Pad Library

next up we have one of our most popular Disney items and that is this fantastic Disney My First Smart Pad Library set. Little kids love things that make a lot of noise and that is what this does. However, it also comes with eight fantastic Disney books based on things such as Toy Story, Moana, The Incredibles, and Mickey Mouse. Each book tells a fun tale, but your child can interact with the book thanks to the handy tablet. Pressing the right buttons as you read the story makes it really come to life!


Disney Frozen Magic Wand and Storybook Set

Here is one storybook that your child will never want to “let go” and that is the Disney Frozen Magic Wand and Storybook Set. Not only do Elsa, Anna, and Olaf take you on a magical adventure in the fun and exciting book. This also comes with a magic wand that gives your child magical powers! By pressing the wand to the right page at the right time, they can interact with the story which is sure to bring a massive smile to their little face.


Mickey & Friends Busy Beats

Not only does this Mickey & Friends Busy Beats inspire your child to love reading. It also fine tunes those motor skills as well. This is like a little drum machine that they can use to play along to over 20 different songs. As well as reading it helps their memory too which is cool. It has eight different books to use with the drum machine so they are going to get a ton of use out of this awesome little device.



As you can see when it comes to Disney books that are more on the interactive side, we have a great selection. This is just the tip of the Elsa made iceberg too as we have loads more in our Disney Products section so be sure to check them all out so you can make story time even more fun!

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