Let It Go With Frozen!


When it comes to our Disney books, games, toys and everything in between. There is one thing that you folks (well it is probably your kids) cannot get enough of and that is Frozen. With Frozen II on the way, Frozen is bigger than ever and that is why in our Disney section we have made sure to have more Frozen stuff than even Olaf could handle.

So, no matter if it is for a birthday, Christmas or a gift for being an extra special little Disney fan. You will find the perfect Frozen gift for them right here. If you are really lucky, when you give it to them, they might even sing, Let It Go for the 100000000th time for you!


Learn With Elsa

First up we have these Disney books where your child can actually learn with the cast of Frozen.


Disney Learning - Frozen Level 1: How to Read and Understand Learning Workbook

This Disney Learning - Frozen Level 1: How to Read and Understand Learning Workbook is a really cool workbook. This tells a story from Frozen, but what is great about it is that it tasks your child with figuring out how the story works. This is great I reading is something your child needs a helping hand with and who better to give a helping hand than Elsa!


Disney Learning - Frozen Level 1: Grammar Learning Workbook

Sentence structure and grammar are two of the things your child will be learning about with this Disney Learning - Frozen Level 1: Grammar Learning Workbook. Again this is a really fun workbook and it does feature a ton of different exercises that all have a Frozen theme to them for your child to do. This could be just what you need to give your child a helping hand with their schoolwork.


Disney Learning - Frozen Level 1: Addition and Subtraction Learning Workbook

Math can be tricky for many kids, but with this Disney Learning - Frozen Level 1: Addition and Subtraction Learning Workbook, Olaf and the gang are here to help out. This is a book that contains fun math activities and as the cast of Frozen is playing the teacher, your child will be much more willing to pay attention and stick with it.


Play With Olaf

Here we have some great Disney gift ideas for little Frozen fans that want to have some fun with their favourite characters from the movie.


Disney Frozen - Little First Look and Find with Huggable Olaf Plush

The look and find series is one of the most popular series of Disney books that we have. This Disney Frozen - Little First Look and Find with Huggable Olaf Plush gives your child the awesome look and find Frozen book, but that is not all! This set also comes with an adorable plush Olaf for them to do the book with! Not only, that there is a big rumour going around that this Olaf loves warm hugs. With this, you are encouraging them to read and giving them a little friend to read with.


Frozen Fish Card Game

When it comes to classic games the whole family can play together. You do not get much more classic than this Frozen Fish Card Game. Go Fish is an all time classic and while this version does follow the same rules that you already know. All of the cards have Frozen characters on them. This makes the game way more fun as it is much “cooler” to put together a series of Elsa cards than boring Jacks!


Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Snap Card Game

While Disney books are great, sometimes you just want to have fun like Olaf always wants to. That is why we have this awesome Disney Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Snap Card Game for you. First of all, this is super cheap, but the fact that the cards have some great Frozen characters on them makes them awesome. This is a game that anyone can play so the whole family can get in on it.


Dress Like Anna & Elsa

Kids just love to dress up as their favourite Disney princesses. You do not get much more popular than Anna & Elsa. These two wear lovely dresses in the movie and now your child can look just like them at home, school the park or wherever they want.


Ice Princess Costume

As you can tell this Ice Princess Costume is clearly based on what Elsa wore in the movie during her famous, Let It Go song. This is a very pretty dress and we have it at a fantastic price. Any little girl who wishes she could control the weather will have a lot of fun (and look super adorable) while wearing this. Girls love Elsa and especially her song, so this is something she is going to think is as cool as ice!


Scandinavian Princess Costume

If your child is more about the kooky and silly, but always loyal Anna. Then this Scandinavian Princess Costume is perfect for them. From finding a Prince to looking for trolls that can help, your special little girl is going to look lovely while wearing this and also get up too many adventures. She will feel like a princess from one of her Disney books when she wears this.


Disney Frozen Poster Collection

Ok, so they do not “wear” this Disney Frozen Poster Collection on themselves. However, they can cover their bedroom walls with these posters and make them look amazing. This contains some fantastic Frozen posters. Anna, Elsa, Anna, Sven, and many more characters are featured here. The artwork is very high quality and she is going to love putting these all over her bedroom.


As you can see no matter if it is Disney books, Disney toys or even Disney dress up. You can get a ton of Frozen products based on it. Frozen is one of the most popular Disney movies of all time and it is easy to see why so many kids love the movie and the characters from it. Check out our full Disney section to see all of the amazing Frozen products we have.

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