Marvel Avengers - My Busy Books

You really cannot go wrong with the My Busy Books series, but this Marvel Avengers - My Busy Books is one of the most popular ones that they have done. Kids (and big kids too) love The Avengers and this is the ultimate Avengers set, best of all it comes in at under 20 bucks which is just crazy. This book comes with a really fun and exciting Avengers story that your child will love to read. Once they are done with the story though the excitement is only just beginning.

This book comes with 12 mini Avengers figures. There is Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man, Black Panther and many more. All these heroes are needed though as also included is the Mad Titan himself, Thanos! Also included is a fun play mat that your child can use to recreate the story from the book or even create their own exciting Avengers story! Any kid, even if they are not usually excited about reading would love to get this as a gift.


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