Mazecraft Adventures


If you have a child and they like video games…. They like Minecraft! There are a ton of Minecraft things out there, but this Mazecraft Adventures book is really cool. It features Steve (well they do not call him Steve, but you know it is) going on all kinds of fun adventures and what is really awesome about it is that this is not just a regular storybook. There is a lot of interactivity in this Mazecraft Adventures book.


Each page has some kind of puzzle that your child can figure out. It can be something like being stuck in a whirlpool and needing to find treasure while avoiding sharks. Or something like finding out which wizard is the imposter by spotting the difference between the two. If you know a Minecraft fan and want to get them something other than another video game or a Minecraft toy. This Mazecraft Adventures is something they will have a lot of fun with.


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  • Jason Delacey
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