Palace Pets - My First Puzzle Book


The Palace Pets have really captured the attention of many little Disney Princess fans all over the world. It is so awesome how Disney has given each Disney Princess their own adorable Palace Pet. This Palace Pets - My First Puzzle Book is a great way for any little Disney fan to learn more about these Palace Pets and also have some fun while they are doing it.

These Puzzle Books are great, they are of course an actual storybook, but each page has its own puzzle for your child to build. So, you will have one for Jasmine, one for Belle and so on. The puzzles are not too hard to do so they will be fun, make them think, but not frustrate them. The puzzles stay securely in the book and each one has a different colour on the back so you do not have to worry about them getting all mixed up. If you know a little Disney fan who has taken a shine to the Palace Pets, this would make a great gift.


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  • Jason Delacey
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