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Today we are not just looking at Disney books, we are looking at Disney puzzles! Puzzles are a lot of fun and in our Disney products section, we have puzzles that feature some of the most awesome Disney characters. We have puzzles for Disney fans of all ages so no matter your age or what kind of “Disney” you are into, you will find the right puzzle here.

Puzzles are a great gift idea for any Disney fan. Not only are they a lot of fun to do, but puzzles also give the brain a good workout too. Keep reading so you can get an idea of what kind of Disney Puzzles we offer here at Dave’s Deals.


Disney Puzzles For Younger Children

Puzzles for younger kids can be a lot of fun and that is what we are looking at here. We have some really fun Disney books that are also puzzles so that is mainly what we are going to be looking at here.


My First Puzzle Book – Disney Princesses

This My First Puzzle Book – Disney Princesses is the first of a few My First Puzzle Books that we have. What makes this really cool is that it features some of the most popular Disney Princess characters around. Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel and many more get a chance to shine in this book. What is fun about this is that it tells the story of a few different Disney Princesses, but each one has its own puzzle for your child to solve.


Toy Story 4 Boxed Puzzle 48 Piece - 2 Assorted Designs

If you want to get your child a puzzle that offers just a tad more of a challenge then something like this Toy Story 4 Boxed Puzzle 48 Piece would be perfect. Based on the hit new movie, there are two fun designs that you can collect. At 48 pieces you might have to give your child a bit of a helping hand, but helping each other is what Toy Story is all about so it fits in nicely.


Puppy Dog Pals - Book & Blocks

Next up we have something that can mix your child’s love for Disney books and Disney Junior together. These Book & Blocks sets are awesome and this one here is featuring the Puppy Dog Pals, which is one of the most popular Disney Junior shows of the last few years. The set contains a fun little story starring the pups, but it also comes with these two block figurines that your child needs to figure out how to put together.


Frozen Fever - My First Puzzle Book

Here we have another My First Puzzle Book. This one is our Frozen Fever - My First Puzzle Book. Frozen is one of the biggest hits from Disney in the last decade and this is a great follow up to it. Your child has plenty of puzzles to solve on each page, but what is really cool about this is that it is actually based all around Olaf and his adorable little snowmen buddies. Kids are sure to think this is one very “cool” gift.


Disney Puzzles For The More Mature Fan

Here we are looking at Disney puzzles that are perfect for older Disney fans. Fans who have grown up with the classic Disney books and movies. These are some of the most collectible Disney items we have here at Dave’s Deals and they fly off the shelves faster than a race between Dumbo and Peter Pan!


Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Winnie The Pooh

To say that we have had a ton of people go crazy over this line is an understatement. This  Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Winnie The Pooh features 38 honey coloured puzzle pieces that you need to put together. It is a fair and fun challenge to do and once completed you have an adorable Winnie the Pooh eating honey figure that you can proudly display with your Disney collection.


Disney Original 3D Puzzle - Donald Duck 39 Piece Puzzle

Next up we have this Disney Original 3D Puzzle - Donald Duck 39 Piece Puzzle which is one of the most popular from this series. It features some very nice blue puzzle pieces that all snap together easily and solidly. The blue colouring of the pieces is perfect for Donald and what makes this one really “stand” out is the fact Donald has a display base that keeps him nice and sturdy.


Original 3D Crystal Puzzle – Ariel

While it may not be one of the classic Disney books, it is certainly one of the classic movies! This Original 3D Crystal Puzzle – Ariel is so great it will make you want to sing. At 44 pieces it is a little more challenging and the red colouring of these puzzle pieces really does make Ariel spring to life. If you want a Disney Princess puzzle figure that really stands out and makes you say wow, this is it!


Original 3D Crystal Puzzle – Dumbo

How can you not fall in love with this, Original 3D Crystal Puzzle – Dumbo?  Dumbo is one of the most adorable and iconic Disney characters ever created. This puzzle here has a respectable 40 pieces for you to snap together. They have used a very nice clear blue for the puzzle pieces and it really does make Dumbo stand out. His big ears look especially lovely.


Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Cheshire Cat


Next, we have this Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Cheshire Cat. Which is made with some very nice pink coloured puzzle pieces. This is the most challenging of the Disney Crystal Puzzles we have looked at as it contains 60 pieces. This one here is perfect if you want a puzzle that is of a character who is a little bit more obscure than usual.



So, as you can see we have an excellent selection of Disney puzzles based on some of the best Disney books and movies. No matter if you are looking for a puzzle that is for a younger child looking to have some fun. Or if you are looking for something for an older kid or even a Disney collector. You will find that perfect Disney puzzle right here at Dave’s Deals!

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