Save $20,000 With a Nail


Here we have the perfect gift for a person who has just moved into a new home, Save $20,000 With a Nail the ultimate DIY handbook! This is a really cool book that will give advice on how to keep your home in top shape. It is also designed to save you a fortune! The idea is that instead of running to the phone to call in some guy to fix something for you. You open up this book, grab your toolbox and have a go yourself. 

The book is written very well and it features super easy to follow step by step instructions. It is a great teaching tool and people are often amazed at how much better they get at general home repair after just using it a couple of times. While it is awesome to get someone as a moving in gift. Save $20,000 With a Nail is also a really handy book to have in your own home. Not only can it save you a lot of money, but it also costs under 10 bucks!


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  • Jason Delacey
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