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While we are proud to offer Disney books, games and such in our Disney products. As Star Wars is now part of Disney, we also have a ton of items that are more fun than a party with the Ewoks on the Forest Moon of Endor after the Empire has been defeated. We have Star Wars books, toys, games and many other awesome Star Wars related items for kids and big kids alike! 

So no matter if you know someone who wants to join forces with Kylo Ren to take over the galaxy. Or if they want to hang out with Chewie on the Millennium Falcon! You are going to find the perfect Star Wars related gift for them right here.


Star Wars Toys Gift Ideas

Sure the “go to” when it comes to Star Wars toys is one of the ten million action figures that are on the market. However, if you want to think outside of the box like Luke when he took down the Death Star. These are the gift ideas that are really going to blow a fans mind!


Kylo Ren Tin Wind-Up Toy

All of the Disney books better watch out because this Kylo Ren Tin Wind-Up Toy is looking to take over the bookshelf. This thing is awesome! It is inspired by old retro toys and it is made of high-quality tin. Not only does this look awesome (and very imposing) sitting on a shelf. It can actually walk when you wind it up... and possibly use the Force too, but that has not been confirmed!


Darth Vader Tin Wind-Up Toy

If you know a more “old school” kind of Star Wars fan then one of the best Star Wars toys for them would be this Darth Vader Tin Wind-Up Toy.  Made of tin, this mini Lord Vader will strut around putting a force chokehold on any rebellious toys or collectables that step out of line!


Star Wars 6-in-1 Game Tin

This Star Wars 6-in-1 Game Tin offers you a lot of bang for your buck. This is perfect for a little Star Wars fan who is maybe passed the stage of getting Disney books for gifts. It contains six fun and exciting Star Wars games that features all their favourite characters like Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren and many more. Also, the fact the tin can be used to store all the games is a very nice bonus.


Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Set - Stormtrooper with Poe Dameron

No matter if they are 4 or 44 this Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Set is going to be a Star Wars gift that they love! At first glance, this looks like a little Stormtrooper helmet. Once you open it up though, you have a little Micromachines playset that also has a mini Poe Dameron and a First Order Transport vehicle!


Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Set - R2-D2 with Chewbacca

What is cool about this Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Set is that it is based on everyone’s favourite robot buddy, R2-D2. Once you open this up, you have a really cool ice playset that features a Micromachines Chewbacca figure and a First Order Snow Speeder and two troopers for Chewie to shoot!


Reading With Star Wars

While Disney books are very popular, here we have Star Wars books! We have a great selection here including books that will not just help your child learn to read, but also have fun with their favourite characters too.


ME Reader Star Wars Saga - Electronic Reader and 8-Book Library

Getting kids excited about reading can be hard, but this ME Reader Star Wars Saga - Electronic Reader and 8-Book Library is the perfect way to do just that. It is an electronic reader that helps them read and it also makes all kinds of cool Star Wars sound effects which are a lot of fun. Plus, this set comes with eight action packed Star Wars books for them to enjoy.


Star Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set)

We really cannot promise that this Star Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set) will not make your child turn to the Dark Side,  but we think the risk is well worth it! This is a fun Star Wars story and the flashlight that it comes with is designed to look like the lightsabre of Kylo Ren which is awesome!


Bubble Magnets Star Wars

We do have some rather “strange” Disney books here at Dave’s Deals and this Bubble Magnets Star Wars book is part of a strange, but fun series. While the actual book is really fun, it is all of the Star Wars bubble magnets that it comes with which will really make a child have a great time with this. The magnets stick to the book and there are parts where they have to use them to carry on the story.


Star Wars The Adventures Of Han Solo

If you really want to encourage a child to read you cannot go wrong with this Star Wars The Adventures Of Han Solo book. First of all, you get a great story all about the coolest smuggler in the galaxy, Han Solo. However, this book is actually part of a series that is designed with teaching kids to read in mind.


Star Wars R2-D2 and Friends

This is actually part of the same series as the Han Solo book we just looked at. This time though it is all about the hijinks that R2-D2 and C-3PO get up to. This Star Wars R2-D2 and Friends book will help your child become a far more confident reader.



As you can see we have more awesome Star Wars products than the planet of Tatooine has grains of sand! We know that looking through tons of Disney books can be time-consuming, but we really do feel that the Star Wars ones in this range are something really special indeed.

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