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It Is Good To Be King…. The Lion King That is! 0

One Disney franchise that has gotten a lot of love in 2019 in the forms of Disney books, toys, and a massive movie is The Lion King! This is without a doubt one of Disney’s all time classic movies and we would bet that most Disney fans would have The Lion King appearing somewhere in their top 10. One of the coolest things about The Lion King that is now something that people grew up with when the movie was first released in 1994 can pass onto their own children.

Disney has really gone all out with The Lion King. The live-action movie is sure to be one of the biggest hits of 2019. There is also The Lion Guard TV show that is one of the top shows on Disney Junior right now. We are all in with this Lion King takeover that is happening and if you look at our Disney products section you will notice we have some great Lion King books, toys, and games. That is what we are taking a closer look at today.


The Lion King & Guard

Here are some books based on The Lion King and Lion Guard show specifically.


The Lion King - Piano Book Board Mini Deluxe

With this, The Lion King - Piano Book Board Mini Deluxe set your child can rock out with Timon, Pumba, and Simba. This is a really fun and charming book. Not only is it going to help your child become a more efficient reader. The included mini keyboard helps with their hand-eye coordination and it tunes those fine motor skills. Not to mention your house will be filled with the sound of your child singing their favourite songs.


The Lion Guard - Look and Find

Here we have one of the best Disney books around and that is the awesome The Lion Guard - Look and Find. Kion and the rest of his buddies need some help finding all kinds of cool stuff. From food to things to play with, this book is going to really make your child pay attention and look hard to find all of the items. These kind of books are a ton of fun and they also feature some really incredible artwork.


The Lion King - Look and Find

While The Lion Guard book we just looked at is great. If you want some more “Classic Disney” this The Lion King - Look and Find is the way to go. Here your child will need to help Simba and Nala find all kinds of interesting items. One of the best things about this book is the way that it uses some of the most iconic areas from the original Lion King movie and hides items in them.


Disney The Lion Guard - Board Book and Flashlight Set

We have found that these sets are some of the best Disney books around. Not only does the Disney The Lion Guard - Board Book and Flashlight Set give your child a fun adventure with Kion and the rest of the gang to enjoy. It also comes with this really cool flashlight! Each page has lift-up flaps and when your child shines the flashlight on them, they can see how the shadows work. It is very interesting stuff and as the flashlight makes all kinds of fun sounds it is something, they are going to have a really good time with.


Disney The Lion Guard - Stuck On Stories

Kids cannot get enough of books like this Disney The Lion Guard - Stuck On Stories here. We have many different versions of these Stuck On Stories, but this one is based on the Disney Junior show, The Lion Guard. While it is really cool that this book has a story for your child to read. It also comes with 10 suction cup figures that they can use to stick into the book. These can be just stuck wherever they want. However, there are parts in the book that will give your child the task of putting a certain character in a certain place!


The Lion Guard - Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad

Next up we have this awesome The Lion Guard - Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad.  In this book, your child can learn all about their favourite characters from the show. Thanks to the magnetic drawing pad they also get to interact with the story from drawing Ono to drawing something for Kion to eat! This book really is a roarsome good time.


Simba & Friends

Here are some Disney books that feature Simba and so on, but also some other Disney characters too.


Disney Busy Day My First Library

For a younger child this Disney Busy Day My First Library is awesome. It does feature some of the all-time classic Disney stories. These range from The Lion King which is why it has made this list. However, other classics such as Pinocchio, Lady & The Tramp, Jungle Book and so on. This is a great set if you want your child to be able to enjoy The Lion King as well as some other classics.


Disney Animals - Read & Glow<

Kids love these Read & Glow sets and this one here is great as it features Simba and The Lion King! With the Disney Animals - Read & Glow set, your child can draw some of the most famous animals from the wonderful world of Disney. Now, of course, Simba is here, but so are other great characters such as Baloo from the Jungle Book! Your child will love reading this book but also drawing with the magic pen that glows as it draws and brings their favourite Disney characters to life.



Next time you want to take a trip to Pride Rock. Make sure you have one of our awesome Disney books that features The Lion King or The Lion Guard. There is no better way to get excited for the Lion King movie than with one of our great Disney products.


How Disney Books Can Inspire A Child 0

One of the things that we are most proud of here at Dave’s Deals is our incredible selection of Disney Books that we have in our Disney Products section of the site. We are always adding in new products here, products that feature all your child’s (and yours too! ) Disney characters and movies.

While these are a lot of fun, we have found that books, toys, games and even the movies and TV shows that feature Disney characters can have a really positive effect on a child. Today we are looking at not just some of the Disney products we have, but also why your child can benefit a great deal from having a little more Disney magic in their books.


They Make Your Child Want To Learn To Read

Look, we all know that there are a ton of great books out there, but Disney books. They are something special. By introducing a child to the world of Disney from as young an age as possible. You are showing them that reading can be fun and also you are inspiring them to want to learn to read.

A great example of this is our Disney Lets Learn My First Library. This is a great set that contains 12 different books in their own little library for your child to carry around with them.  These are very simple books that have a lot of pictures in them. They are also board books so they can take a bit of a beating too. Books like this are a great way to help your child learn letters and how basic words are formed.


They Are Rich In History

One of the coolest things about sharing a love of Disney with a child is that there is just so much history to choose from. Us adults all grew up with our favourites and now we can share these with our kids. Not only that, it is awesome watching a child find their own Disney characters, shows, and movies that they love and wanting to share them with you.

The amount of characters that Disney have is staggering and we have them all here. From something that is really classic like Mickey Mouse to something more moderns such as Moana. There really is a Disney character, hero, princess, villain or whatever for every child out there. No matter what your child’s personality is like, there will be a Disney character for them.


They Feature Beautiful Artwork

One thing that all of the Disney books we offer have in common is their artwork. Disney always brings their A-game when it comes to capturing their characters in books. Something like our Incredibles 2 Look & Find Book showcases some awesome action scenes that kids will get a major kick out of. Plus, they will love how close to the real thing they look. One thing you can always count on with Disney is that they never let their characters look bad, be it in a book or as a toy.

Even a book like this Disney Princess - Time To Be A Princess Play-a-Sound Book with Interactive Clock which at first looks like it is just all about having fun. It will also be something that little want to be Disney Princesses will love as the book features some very lovely



They Make Books For Kids Of All Ages

You are never too old for Disney is what many people say and that is something that really is true. You get these fantastic books that are aimed at very, very young Disney fans. Disney Baby Play-a-Sound - Head to Toe! and Mickey Mouse My First Library are two great examples of Disney books that are aimed at pre-school aged kids. We have a ton of great books that are all aimed at introducing children to the wonderful world of books, reading and of course Disney!

One way which Disney has targeted a whole new fanbase is with their acquisition of things like Marvel and Star Wars. We have some great books based on Star Wars and Marvel here at Dave’s Deals such as this awesome Star Wars Bubble Magnet Book Set that has proven to be really popular. Disney manages to be something that kids no matter if they are 2, 10 or even 15 will think is cool. Sure, what they think is “cool” may differ, but Disney will have something for them.


Star Wars & Marvel Are Part Of Disney Now

We just touched on this before, but we have a ton of different Marvel and Star Wars products for you to check out. Disney has been very clever with how they have used characters from both these massive franchises. They tend to offer what they offer for a character like Mickey Mouse an alternative with say, Spider-Man or Kylo Ren.

If you look at something like this Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set) for example. You will notice that it is made with the exact same kind of care and attention to detail that other Disney books starring characters like Winnie the Pooh, Belle and Mickey Mouse are.


Reading Disney Stories Makes Reading Fun

Kids have more distractions now than ever before so getting them to see that reading can be fun can be hard for a parent to do. It does not always help when the books they are reading at school are the same books that you read there 20 or so years ago! The worst thing that can happen is for a child to think that reading is boring. Well, one thing we can all agree on with Disney is that Disney is far from boring.

While they have some great story, books based on some of their characters. They also have more interactive ways for your child to develop a love for reading such as this The Lion King - Piano Book Board Mini Deluxe and the recently released, Toy Story 4 - Little Sound Book. Books such as these really do make reading fun for kids and that is what you really want them to associate reading with.



These are just a few of the reasons why reading Disney books can inspire a child to have a real love for reading. We have some awesome books here for you to look at, that we are sure your child will have a lot of fun with. 

Superhero Fun With The Incredibles &amp; Dave’s Deals 0


One of the most popular series in our Disney books and games section is The Incredibles 2. These have proven to be some of the most popular items in our whole  Disney products range! One of the best things about The Incredibles 2 is how it is a movie that is just as much fun for the parents as it is the kids.

Just in case you are wondering what the big deal with The Incredibles is. The Incredibles 2 is one of the highest grossing movies of all time… that is right not just animated movies, but movies in general. So, it is easy to see why kids of all ages are super happy if they get a gift with one of the Parr family on it.


The Incredibles 2 Books

When it comes to reading, Disney books are perhaps the best way to get a child to read. We have some really fun books featuring everyone’s favourite family of superheroes. No matter if your child is all about Dash running fast, Violet being a cool, but awkward teen or Jack-Jack being, well just being Jack-Jack. These are the perfect books for you to look at.


The Incredibles 2 - One Incredible Family Custom Frame Play-a-Sound Book

This The Incredibles 2 - One Incredible Family Custom Frame Play-a-Sound Book really is quite super! What makes this a great book is that it is based more on the family than the events of the movie. If your kids loved the movie then they will love finding out more about their favourite characters with this book. It plays some great sound effects, including some that are actually taken from the movie so that is cool!


Incredibles 2 - My Busy Books

One of the most popular series of Disney books that we have is our Busy Books and this Incredibles 2 - My Busy Books is one of the most popular. This set gives your child a really interesting board book to read, but that is just the tip of the Frozone made iceberg! It also comes with a ton of Incredibles 2 mini figures and a playmat as well. With this, they can come up with their very own Incredibles 3 movie ideas!


Incredibles 2 - Stuck on Stories

Our Incredibles 2 - Stuck on Stories is very popular with fans of Pixar’s first superhero family. These Stuck on Stories books are very popular with kids. The idea is that they have a fun story to read as well as a few “puzzles” to solve. This comes with a series of suction-cupped figures that they can stick into the actual book. They might even have to place a certain figure on a certain part of the page in order to stop a dastardly villain.


Incredibles 2 - Learning Book With Magnetic Drawing Pad

Here we have our Incredibles 2 - Learning Book With Magnetic Drawing Pad which is great for kids who want to create their own Incredibles characters and scenes. This book will task your child with drawing things like characters, items and things to do with The Incredibles on the drawing pad. Of course, they can draw what they want on here too which is a huge part of the fun. The magnetic drawing pad can be easily wiped away with the slider so they can draw new things whenever they want. This is the kind of thing that kids will always come back to and it is great for road trips as it will keep them busy.



The Incredibles 2 Games

We have had a look at some fantastic, or perhaps we should say super? Disney books that feature The Incredibles. We also have some fun Disney games that feature the cast from The Incredibles 2! What is great about these games we are looking at is that they are some of the lowest priced Disney items that we offer here at Dave’s Deals. So, if you know a child who loves The Incredibles and you want to get them a fun, but low-priced gift, you cannot go wrong with one of these.


Incredibles 2 Fish Card Game

The Incredibles 2 Fish Card Game is like Go Fish, but with the danger and excitement of superheroes! This is a real classic of a game and one that is sure to go down a treat with the whole family. You can play this with the whole family or with just a couple of you. The cards feature all of the awesome characters of the movie and they are made of a high quality so they are perfect if your own family has superpowers. Kids are really going to get a kick out of the fantastic artwork used for these cards!


Incredibles 2 Snap Card Game

For just a few bucks you can have some Incredibles sized fun with this Incredibles 2 Snap Card Game. One of the things that is great about snap is that it is a game the whole family can play. Even the little kids can get in on this so it is a game that no one has to be left out from. Also, for a bit of bonus fun, you can use these to play pairs as well. Each card features an action-packed image of one of the characters from the movie.


So, there you have it! Some fantastic gift ideas featuring the characters of one of the biggest movies of all time, The Incredibles! There is a character that everyone can relate to so that is part of what makes this such a great “family” movie. Here at Dave’s Deals, we are always looking to bring more Incredibles items to you, even if the Underminer tries to stop us!

If you are on the looking out for more Disney books, Disney toys and of course items that are perfect for fans of The Incredibles. Our Disney products section is where you want to be looking. We have all the best characters, the best prices and more right here.

Star Wars Books, Toys, Games And More! 0


While we are proud to offer Disney books, games and such in our Disney products. As Star Wars is now part of Disney, we also have a ton of items that are more fun than a party with the Ewoks on the Forest Moon of Endor after the Empire has been defeated. We have Star Wars books, toys, games and many other awesome Star Wars related items for kids and big kids alike! 

So no matter if you know someone who wants to join forces with Kylo Ren to take over the galaxy. Or if they want to hang out with Chewie on the Millennium Falcon! You are going to find the perfect Star Wars related gift for them right here.


Star Wars Toys Gift Ideas

Sure the “go to” when it comes to Star Wars toys is one of the ten million action figures that are on the market. However, if you want to think outside of the box like Luke when he took down the Death Star. These are the gift ideas that are really going to blow a fans mind!


Kylo Ren Tin Wind-Up Toy

All of the Disney books better watch out because this Kylo Ren Tin Wind-Up Toy is looking to take over the bookshelf. This thing is awesome! It is inspired by old retro toys and it is made of high-quality tin. Not only does this look awesome (and very imposing) sitting on a shelf. It can actually walk when you wind it up... and possibly use the Force too, but that has not been confirmed!


Darth Vader Tin Wind-Up Toy

If you know a more “old school” kind of Star Wars fan then one of the best Star Wars toys for them would be this Darth Vader Tin Wind-Up Toy.  Made of tin, this mini Lord Vader will strut around putting a force chokehold on any rebellious toys or collectables that step out of line!


Star Wars 6-in-1 Game Tin

This Star Wars 6-in-1 Game Tin offers you a lot of bang for your buck. This is perfect for a little Star Wars fan who is maybe passed the stage of getting Disney books for gifts. It contains six fun and exciting Star Wars games that features all their favourite characters like Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren and many more. Also, the fact the tin can be used to store all the games is a very nice bonus.


Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Set - Stormtrooper with Poe Dameron

No matter if they are 4 or 44 this Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Set is going to be a Star Wars gift that they love! At first glance, this looks like a little Stormtrooper helmet. Once you open it up though, you have a little Micromachines playset that also has a mini Poe Dameron and a First Order Transport vehicle!


Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Set - R2-D2 with Chewbacca

What is cool about this Star Wars The Force Awakens Battle Set is that it is based on everyone’s favourite robot buddy, R2-D2. Once you open this up, you have a really cool ice playset that features a Micromachines Chewbacca figure and a First Order Snow Speeder and two troopers for Chewie to shoot!


Reading With Star Wars

While Disney books are very popular, here we have Star Wars books! We have a great selection here including books that will not just help your child learn to read, but also have fun with their favourite characters too.


ME Reader Star Wars Saga - Electronic Reader and 8-Book Library

Getting kids excited about reading can be hard, but this ME Reader Star Wars Saga - Electronic Reader and 8-Book Library is the perfect way to do just that. It is an electronic reader that helps them read and it also makes all kinds of cool Star Wars sound effects which are a lot of fun. Plus, this set comes with eight action packed Star Wars books for them to enjoy.


Star Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set)

We really cannot promise that this Star Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set) will not make your child turn to the Dark Side,  but we think the risk is well worth it! This is a fun Star Wars story and the flashlight that it comes with is designed to look like the lightsabre of Kylo Ren which is awesome!


Bubble Magnets Star Wars

We do have some rather “strange” Disney books here at Dave’s Deals and this Bubble Magnets Star Wars book is part of a strange, but fun series. While the actual book is really fun, it is all of the Star Wars bubble magnets that it comes with which will really make a child have a great time with this. The magnets stick to the book and there are parts where they have to use them to carry on the story.


Star Wars The Adventures Of Han Solo

If you really want to encourage a child to read you cannot go wrong with this Star Wars The Adventures Of Han Solo book. First of all, you get a great story all about the coolest smuggler in the galaxy, Han Solo. However, this book is actually part of a series that is designed with teaching kids to read in mind.


Star Wars R2-D2 and Friends

This is actually part of the same series as the Han Solo book we just looked at. This time though it is all about the hijinks that R2-D2 and C-3PO get up to. This Star Wars R2-D2 and Friends book will help your child become a far more confident reader.



As you can see we have more awesome Star Wars products than the planet of Tatooine has grains of sand! We know that looking through tons of Disney books can be time-consuming, but we really do feel that the Star Wars ones in this range are something really special indeed.

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