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Puzzling Fun With Disney 0

Today we are not just looking at Disney books, we are looking at Disney puzzles! Puzzles are a lot of fun and in our Disney products section, we have puzzles that feature some of the most awesome Disney characters. We have puzzles for Disney fans of all ages so no matter your age or what kind of “Disney” you are into, you will find the right puzzle here.

Puzzles are a great gift idea for any Disney fan. Not only are they a lot of fun to do, but puzzles also give the brain a good workout too. Keep reading so you can get an idea of what kind of Disney Puzzles we offer here at Dave’s Deals.


Disney Puzzles For Younger Children

Puzzles for younger kids can be a lot of fun and that is what we are looking at here. We have some really fun Disney books that are also puzzles so that is mainly what we are going to be looking at here.


My First Puzzle Book – Disney Princesses

This My First Puzzle Book – Disney Princesses is the first of a few My First Puzzle Books that we have. What makes this really cool is that it features some of the most popular Disney Princess characters around. Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel and many more get a chance to shine in this book. What is fun about this is that it tells the story of a few different Disney Princesses, but each one has its own puzzle for your child to solve.


Toy Story 4 Boxed Puzzle 48 Piece - 2 Assorted Designs

If you want to get your child a puzzle that offers just a tad more of a challenge then something like this Toy Story 4 Boxed Puzzle 48 Piece would be perfect. Based on the hit new movie, there are two fun designs that you can collect. At 48 pieces you might have to give your child a bit of a helping hand, but helping each other is what Toy Story is all about so it fits in nicely.


Puppy Dog Pals - Book & Blocks

Next up we have something that can mix your child’s love for Disney books and Disney Junior together. These Book & Blocks sets are awesome and this one here is featuring the Puppy Dog Pals, which is one of the most popular Disney Junior shows of the last few years. The set contains a fun little story starring the pups, but it also comes with these two block figurines that your child needs to figure out how to put together.


Frozen Fever - My First Puzzle Book

Here we have another My First Puzzle Book. This one is our Frozen Fever - My First Puzzle Book. Frozen is one of the biggest hits from Disney in the last decade and this is a great follow up to it. Your child has plenty of puzzles to solve on each page, but what is really cool about this is that it is actually based all around Olaf and his adorable little snowmen buddies. Kids are sure to think this is one very “cool” gift.


Disney Puzzles For The More Mature Fan

Here we are looking at Disney puzzles that are perfect for older Disney fans. Fans who have grown up with the classic Disney books and movies. These are some of the most collectible Disney items we have here at Dave’s Deals and they fly off the shelves faster than a race between Dumbo and Peter Pan!


Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Winnie The Pooh

To say that we have had a ton of people go crazy over this line is an understatement. This  Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Winnie The Pooh features 38 honey coloured puzzle pieces that you need to put together. It is a fair and fun challenge to do and once completed you have an adorable Winnie the Pooh eating honey figure that you can proudly display with your Disney collection.


Disney Original 3D Puzzle - Donald Duck 39 Piece Puzzle

Next up we have this Disney Original 3D Puzzle - Donald Duck 39 Piece Puzzle which is one of the most popular from this series. It features some very nice blue puzzle pieces that all snap together easily and solidly. The blue colouring of the pieces is perfect for Donald and what makes this one really “stand” out is the fact Donald has a display base that keeps him nice and sturdy.


Original 3D Crystal Puzzle – Ariel

While it may not be one of the classic Disney books, it is certainly one of the classic movies! This Original 3D Crystal Puzzle – Ariel is so great it will make you want to sing. At 44 pieces it is a little more challenging and the red colouring of these puzzle pieces really does make Ariel spring to life. If you want a Disney Princess puzzle figure that really stands out and makes you say wow, this is it!


Original 3D Crystal Puzzle – Dumbo

How can you not fall in love with this, Original 3D Crystal Puzzle – Dumbo?  Dumbo is one of the most adorable and iconic Disney characters ever created. This puzzle here has a respectable 40 pieces for you to snap together. They have used a very nice clear blue for the puzzle pieces and it really does make Dumbo stand out. His big ears look especially lovely.


Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Cheshire Cat


Next, we have this Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Cheshire Cat. Which is made with some very nice pink coloured puzzle pieces. This is the most challenging of the Disney Crystal Puzzles we have looked at as it contains 60 pieces. This one here is perfect if you want a puzzle that is of a character who is a little bit more obscure than usual.



So, as you can see we have an excellent selection of Disney puzzles based on some of the best Disney books and movies. No matter if you are looking for a puzzle that is for a younger child looking to have some fun. Or if you are looking for something for an older kid or even a Disney collector. You will find that perfect Disney puzzle right here at Dave’s Deals!

Have Fun With Our Toy Story 4 Collection 0

If you want some Disney books, toys, and games that are based on the awesome Toy Story 4, you have well and truly come to the right place. Kids cannot get enough of Woody, Buzz, Jessie and now Forky too! Check out our Disney Products section where we have all kinds of Toy Story 4 gifts for little and big Toy Story fans.

It is more than fair to say that Toy Story 4 managed to live up to expectations. What was cool about it was that it was a movie that kids and grown-ups could both really enjoy. That is whey many of the Toy Story toys, games and books we are looking at here can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Toy Story 4 - Little Sound Book

This Toy Story 4 - Little Sound Book really is awesome! It is the perfect gift when it comes to Disney books for little Toy Story fans. The book tells the events of the movie, but it has a sound module so your child can be part of the story. Many of the new characters like Forky and Duke Kaboom will make sounds that go along with the story. Not only is this fun, but it will also encourage your child to read.


Toy Story 4 Fish Card Game

Next up we have the very low priced, but highly fun Toy Story 4 Fish Card Game.  If you are looking for some Toy Story 4 fun that is close to five bucks, you cannot go wrong with this. Go Fish is always a fun game that the family can pay together. As these cards feature Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, Rex and the rest of the gang. You and your kids will have a great time trying to put all the characters together.


Toy Story 4 Slinky Dog Plush

While you could make the argument that he was really underused in this latest movie. The fact of the matter is, kids still love Slinky Dog. With this awesome, Toy Story 4 Slinky Dog Plush your child can snuggle up on the couch and read one of their Disney books while having fun with this adorable plush Slinky Dog. There are a million Buzz, Woody and Jessie plush toys out there, so get them a different character, like Slinky Dog here.


Toy Story 4 Signature Puzzle

You can help your child go to infinity and beyond with this fantastic Toy Story 4 Signature Puzzle. This is a bit of an “intergalactic” puzzle as it comes in a really cool tin that is made to look like the Buzz Lightyear toy packaging from the movie. It has 48 pieces so while challenging, it is something that kids (maybe with a little help from their toys) will be able to have fun putting together.


Toy Story 4 Press-O-Matic Game

The Toy Story 4 Press-O-Matic Game is the latest Press-O-Matic Game we have added to our collection. This is a game for 2 to 4 players and each player gets to be a Toy Story character! You can play as Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, and Forky. The winner is the first toy who manages to get all of their pieces home. Kids love these games as they are simple to learn the rules of and using the Press-O-Matic dice is a lot of fun.


Toy Story 4 - Look and Find

Kids love these Look and Find Disney Books and this Toy Story 4 - Look and Find is our latest one. These books are a ton of fun. There are many scenes from the movie here and the idea is that your child needs to find all of the hidden objects on each page. One page they could be helping Bonnie find her favorite toys, the next they could be helping Woody and the gang escape from the antique store.


Toy Story 4 Slinky Dog Wind Up Toy

If you are looking for a fun, but also very affordable Toy Story 4 toy, check out this really cool, Toy Story 4 Slinky Dog Wind Up Toy.  For close to ten bucks, your child can feel like they are Woody as they go on adventures with their pal, Slinky Dog. Kids will really find it funny how Slinky can walk along the floor once he is wound up! Kids who love Toy Story will really like adding this to their collection.


Toy Story 4 Snap Card Game

If you want a low-cost way to have some family fun in the house or even when you are away on vacation. Then check out this awesome, Toy Story 4 Snap Card Game. Snap is a game that never gets old and that is especially true for this version here. You and the kids will have to pay attention as you try to find the matching cards. You better especially watch out for Forky as we heard that he is always trying to jump in the bin! This is great if the kids want to take a break from their Disney books and have some fun with their siblings and mum and dad.


Toy Story 4 Memory Game

What is really cool about this Toy Story 4 Memory Game is that while it is a game and a lot of fun. This is something that actually helps a child develop their problem-solving skills and memory too! Each card has some fantastic Toy Story 4 artwork on it featuring characters like Rex, Forky, Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep and all the rest of the characters from the movie. The game is very easy to learn to play and it takes no time at all to set up. The person who matches the most toys is the winner!


As you can tell from our Disney Products section. Here at Dave’s Deals, we are huge fans of Toy Story 4 like you and your kids are. That is why we have added so many fun Toy Story 4 products to our page! We are looking to add more too so no matter if you want Disney games, Disney books or Disney toys that have your favorite Toy Story 4 characters. Make sure you keep checking back here.



How Disney Books Can Inspire A Child 0

One of the things that we are most proud of here at Dave’s Deals is our incredible selection of Disney Books that we have in our Disney Products section of the site. We are always adding in new products here, products that feature all your child’s (and yours too! ) Disney characters and movies.

While these are a lot of fun, we have found that books, toys, games and even the movies and TV shows that feature Disney characters can have a really positive effect on a child. Today we are looking at not just some of the Disney products we have, but also why your child can benefit a great deal from having a little more Disney magic in their books.


They Make Your Child Want To Learn To Read

Look, we all know that there are a ton of great books out there, but Disney books. They are something special. By introducing a child to the world of Disney from as young an age as possible. You are showing them that reading can be fun and also you are inspiring them to want to learn to read.

A great example of this is our Disney Lets Learn My First Library. This is a great set that contains 12 different books in their own little library for your child to carry around with them.  These are very simple books that have a lot of pictures in them. They are also board books so they can take a bit of a beating too. Books like this are a great way to help your child learn letters and how basic words are formed.


They Are Rich In History

One of the coolest things about sharing a love of Disney with a child is that there is just so much history to choose from. Us adults all grew up with our favourites and now we can share these with our kids. Not only that, it is awesome watching a child find their own Disney characters, shows, and movies that they love and wanting to share them with you.

The amount of characters that Disney have is staggering and we have them all here. From something that is really classic like Mickey Mouse to something more moderns such as Moana. There really is a Disney character, hero, princess, villain or whatever for every child out there. No matter what your child’s personality is like, there will be a Disney character for them.


They Feature Beautiful Artwork

One thing that all of the Disney books we offer have in common is their artwork. Disney always brings their A-game when it comes to capturing their characters in books. Something like our Incredibles 2 Look & Find Book showcases some awesome action scenes that kids will get a major kick out of. Plus, they will love how close to the real thing they look. One thing you can always count on with Disney is that they never let their characters look bad, be it in a book or as a toy.

Even a book like this Disney Princess - Time To Be A Princess Play-a-Sound Book with Interactive Clock which at first looks like it is just all about having fun. It will also be something that little want to be Disney Princesses will love as the book features some very lovely



They Make Books For Kids Of All Ages

You are never too old for Disney is what many people say and that is something that really is true. You get these fantastic books that are aimed at very, very young Disney fans. Disney Baby Play-a-Sound - Head to Toe! and Mickey Mouse My First Library are two great examples of Disney books that are aimed at pre-school aged kids. We have a ton of great books that are all aimed at introducing children to the wonderful world of books, reading and of course Disney!

One way which Disney has targeted a whole new fanbase is with their acquisition of things like Marvel and Star Wars. We have some great books based on Star Wars and Marvel here at Dave’s Deals such as this awesome Star Wars Bubble Magnet Book Set that has proven to be really popular. Disney manages to be something that kids no matter if they are 2, 10 or even 15 will think is cool. Sure, what they think is “cool” may differ, but Disney will have something for them.


Star Wars & Marvel Are Part Of Disney Now

We just touched on this before, but we have a ton of different Marvel and Star Wars products for you to check out. Disney has been very clever with how they have used characters from both these massive franchises. They tend to offer what they offer for a character like Mickey Mouse an alternative with say, Spider-Man or Kylo Ren.

If you look at something like this Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set) for example. You will notice that it is made with the exact same kind of care and attention to detail that other Disney books starring characters like Winnie the Pooh, Belle and Mickey Mouse are.


Reading Disney Stories Makes Reading Fun

Kids have more distractions now than ever before so getting them to see that reading can be fun can be hard for a parent to do. It does not always help when the books they are reading at school are the same books that you read there 20 or so years ago! The worst thing that can happen is for a child to think that reading is boring. Well, one thing we can all agree on with Disney is that Disney is far from boring.

While they have some great story, books based on some of their characters. They also have more interactive ways for your child to develop a love for reading such as this The Lion King - Piano Book Board Mini Deluxe and the recently released, Toy Story 4 - Little Sound Book. Books such as these really do make reading fun for kids and that is what you really want them to associate reading with.



These are just a few of the reasons why reading Disney books can inspire a child to have a real love for reading. We have some awesome books here for you to look at, that we are sure your child will have a lot of fun with. 

Get In The Fast Lane With Cars! 0

If you want Disney books, Disney toys and Disney games that can kick things up into high gear, look no further! Cars is one of the biggest of all the Disney/Pixar franchises and here at Dave’s Deals, we have some of the best Cars games, books, toys and more in our Disney products section.

So, if you have a little one who is so obsessed with Lightning McQueen, they say KACHOW!!! Whenever you ask them something, you have come to the right place. No one knows for sure if we have seen the last of Lightning, Sally, and Mater, but your child can enjoy them for years to come with any of these awesome Cars items we have for you.


Cars 3 - Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad

First, we are starting with one of the cooler Disney books that we have. This Cars 3 - Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad is a ton of fun! The idea is that the top part is a board book that your child can read. However, this is actually an interactive book as your child will be tasked with drawing things on the magnetic pad. These range from wheels, cones and more! Your child can even draw their own Cars characters on here if they want.


Disney Pixar Cars - Book & Blocks

Here we have the awesome Disney Pixar Cars - Book & Blocks set. While your child is going to really enjoy reading about Lightning, Mater, Doc and the rest of the cast. What makes this a more interesting kind of book is the building blocks that it comes with. You get a set of blocks that can build Lightning McQueen and also a set that can build, Francesco Bernoulli. This is actually really cool as Francesco Bernoulli is a character you do not get a ton of stuff of.


Disney Pixar Cars 3 - Stuck On Stories

When it comes to Disney books we have found that sets like this Disney Pixar Cars 3 - Stuck On Stories are very popular. This set tells a fun and exciting Cars story that features all of the main cast. Even cooler, are the 10 suction cup figures that the book comes with. Your child will enjoy reading the book and at certain points, they will have to stick the right character in the right part of the book. This is a great gift idea if you want to encourage them to read.


Cars 3 Steering Wheel Sound Book Lightning McQueen

Get ready for action with this amazing Cars 3 Steering Wheel Sound Book Lightning McQueen book. Getting kids excited about reading can be tough, but this will show younger children how exciting reading can be. This is based on the movie Cars 3 and thanks to the steering wheel that is included. Your child is going to think that they are Lightning McQueen as they read as they will need to use the wheel as they read the book. This is not just a book, it is a race to see who is the best!


Cars 3: My Busy Books

You really cannot go wrong with any of the books from the Busy Books range. This Cars 3: My Busy Books is perfect for little Lightning McQueen fans! With this, your child can read about the characters from the movie Cars 3. It also comes with 12 fantastic mini cars figures that they can play with. All the characters from the movie are here such as Lightning, Mater, and Mac. It even comes with a super large playmat that features a race track for the mini-figures to race on.


Cars 3 Soundbook

Here we have one of our most fun Disney books the Cars 3 Soundbook book. The movie Cars 3 was a lot of fun and this book will tell your child all about the action and adventure that Lightning McQueen got up to. While the actual book is a very interesting read. On the right-hand side are 12 buttons and each one makes a different sound. The idea of this is that your child reads the book, or you can read it to them. At certain points in the story, they will be required to press the correct button.


Planes Press-O-Matic Game

We also love Disney games here at Dave’s Deals and this game is actually based on the Cars spin-off, Planes. Our Planes Press-O-Matic Game is a game that the whole family can enjoy together. It is for one to four players and each player gets to pick one of their favourite Planes characters to play as. You need to be the first one to get all of your team back to your home base! Kids always enjoy using the Press-O-Matic and the game is very easy to play and easy to set up as well.



Planes Lenticular Tower Box Puzzle

We thought we would round this up with another awesome Planes item! This one is a really cool Planes Lenticular Tower Box Puzzle. Kids who love puzzles and the two Planes movies will really enjoy this. At 24 pieces this is a nice and simple, perhaps even first puzzle for a child. It features a really cool image of Dusty flying into action to save the day. This is a lenticular puzzle so it also has a really fantastic 3D kind of effect to it that kids will really like. Plus, this is under 10 bucks so it is a very low-cost way for your child to have some educational fun.


We hope that you are all revved up and full of gas… well, the kind of gas that Mater and Lightning use! Now you can check out our full Disney products section where you can look at Disney books, Disney games and Disney toys that are based on awesome Disney movies and characters like Cars and Planes. We are always looking to add exciting new products to our Disney range so make sure you check back regularly to see what new items we have and special offers are happening.

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