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It Is Good To Be King…. The Lion King That is! 0

One Disney franchise that has gotten a lot of love in 2019 in the forms of Disney books, toys, and a massive movie is The Lion King! This is without a doubt one of Disney’s all time classic movies and we would bet that most Disney fans would have The Lion King appearing somewhere in their top 10. One of the coolest things about The Lion King that is now something that people grew up with when the movie was first released in 1994 can pass onto their own children.

Disney has really gone all out with The Lion King. The live-action movie is sure to be one of the biggest hits of 2019. There is also The Lion Guard TV show that is one of the top shows on Disney Junior right now. We are all in with this Lion King takeover that is happening and if you look at our Disney products section you will notice we have some great Lion King books, toys, and games. That is what we are taking a closer look at today.


The Lion King & Guard

Here are some books based on The Lion King and Lion Guard show specifically.


The Lion King - Piano Book Board Mini Deluxe

With this, The Lion King - Piano Book Board Mini Deluxe set your child can rock out with Timon, Pumba, and Simba. This is a really fun and charming book. Not only is it going to help your child become a more efficient reader. The included mini keyboard helps with their hand-eye coordination and it tunes those fine motor skills. Not to mention your house will be filled with the sound of your child singing their favourite songs.


The Lion Guard - Look and Find

Here we have one of the best Disney books around and that is the awesome The Lion Guard - Look and Find. Kion and the rest of his buddies need some help finding all kinds of cool stuff. From food to things to play with, this book is going to really make your child pay attention and look hard to find all of the items. These kind of books are a ton of fun and they also feature some really incredible artwork.


The Lion King - Look and Find

While The Lion Guard book we just looked at is great. If you want some more “Classic Disney” this The Lion King - Look and Find is the way to go. Here your child will need to help Simba and Nala find all kinds of interesting items. One of the best things about this book is the way that it uses some of the most iconic areas from the original Lion King movie and hides items in them.


Disney The Lion Guard - Board Book and Flashlight Set

We have found that these sets are some of the best Disney books around. Not only does the Disney The Lion Guard - Board Book and Flashlight Set give your child a fun adventure with Kion and the rest of the gang to enjoy. It also comes with this really cool flashlight! Each page has lift-up flaps and when your child shines the flashlight on them, they can see how the shadows work. It is very interesting stuff and as the flashlight makes all kinds of fun sounds it is something, they are going to have a really good time with.


Disney The Lion Guard - Stuck On Stories

Kids cannot get enough of books like this Disney The Lion Guard - Stuck On Stories here. We have many different versions of these Stuck On Stories, but this one is based on the Disney Junior show, The Lion Guard. While it is really cool that this book has a story for your child to read. It also comes with 10 suction cup figures that they can use to stick into the book. These can be just stuck wherever they want. However, there are parts in the book that will give your child the task of putting a certain character in a certain place!


The Lion Guard - Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad

Next up we have this awesome The Lion Guard - Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad.  In this book, your child can learn all about their favourite characters from the show. Thanks to the magnetic drawing pad they also get to interact with the story from drawing Ono to drawing something for Kion to eat! This book really is a roarsome good time.


Simba & Friends

Here are some Disney books that feature Simba and so on, but also some other Disney characters too.


Disney Busy Day My First Library

For a younger child this Disney Busy Day My First Library is awesome. It does feature some of the all-time classic Disney stories. These range from The Lion King which is why it has made this list. However, other classics such as Pinocchio, Lady & The Tramp, Jungle Book and so on. This is a great set if you want your child to be able to enjoy The Lion King as well as some other classics.


Disney Animals - Read & Glow<

Kids love these Read & Glow sets and this one here is great as it features Simba and The Lion King! With the Disney Animals - Read & Glow set, your child can draw some of the most famous animals from the wonderful world of Disney. Now, of course, Simba is here, but so are other great characters such as Baloo from the Jungle Book! Your child will love reading this book but also drawing with the magic pen that glows as it draws and brings their favourite Disney characters to life.



Next time you want to take a trip to Pride Rock. Make sure you have one of our awesome Disney books that features The Lion King or The Lion Guard. There is no better way to get excited for the Lion King movie than with one of our great Disney products.


Disney Book Collections Are Perfect For Little Disney Fans

Disney Book Collections Are Perfect For Little Disney Fans 0

Here at Dave’s Deals, we want to get as many great Disney Books into kid’s hands as possible. That is why our Disney Collection is jam-packed with these fantastic Disney Book Collections for kids who love Disney and are wanting to learn to read.

A child will love having their own little portable library and as each set contains 12 different books. They have a lot of books to read and have fun with. Helping a child develop a love for reading is one of the best things you can do and with our range of fantastic Disney books that is exactly what you can do.


Disney Book Collections For Disney Junior Fans

If you have a child who would happily watch Disney Junior from sunrise to sunset and still ask to watch one more episode! These are the book collections for them. You can have fun and help them learn a thing or two before bedtime with one of these.


Disney Junior My First Library

As the name suggests, this Disney Junior My First Library is all about Disney Junior. This set contains 12 great little books based on their favourite Disney Junior Shows. Shows like Puppy Dog Pals, Vampirina, Mickey, Lion Guard, Doc McStuffins and Sofia The First. Each book has its own “lesson” to learn and artwork to look at. This is one of the best Disney Books collections for easing a child into the world of reading.


Mickey Mouse My First Library

When it comes to Disney Junior, you do not get much better than the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This is a Mickey Mouse My First Library where Mickey and his pals get to shine and help your child learn to read and also a bit about the world around them. Characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy shine in books about letters, numbers, animals, shapes, sizes and many more fun and interesting things.


Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh My First Library

In this Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh My First Library collection, your child is going to learn all kinds of fun stuff. This is one of the most adorable books based on Disney characters that we have here at Dave’s Deals! Thanks to Tigger they can learn about staying clean, but also about having fun. With Pooh, they can think of what to do on a rainy day. Then they can help Eeyore find where his tail is! All 12 books are fun and super cute so you will not mind reading these at bedtime over and over again.


Disney Book Collections With Classic Characters

Disney has such a rich history of great characters. It can be hard to get them all in one collection. Well, these are Disney Books collections that have a great mix of more classic characters. Not only can you read with your child, but you can also share with them some of the Disney characters you grew up with.


Disney Busy Day My First Library

It is easy to see why the Disney Busy Day My First Library collection is so popular! This features characters from every era of Disney! We are talking characters like Robin Hood, Snow White, Aladdin, Dumbo and even more modern characters like Chicken Little, Moana, and Nemo! Each book talks about doing something during the day so it is a great collection of books for kids who have a more inquisitive mind. 


Disney Best Friends My First Library

One of the things that is really cool about this Disney Best Friends My First Library collection is the message it teaches kids. Sure, it has the classic characters like Belle, Bambi, Pinocchio and many more. However, this is a set of books that will help your child learn not just to read, but also about how to treat others, be kind and other great and cute little life lessons.  If you want books that are not just cute (which this set certainly is) but also have some substance to them, this is the set you need to get for your child.


Disney Lets Learn My First Library

If you want a set of books that feature classic Disney characters like, Lilo & Stitch, Piglet, Dumbo, The Aristocats and many more. Well, the Disney Lets Learn My First Library collection is ideal. Not only will characters from every end of the Disney spectrum be something your child is really cool. These books teach children about things like their ABC’s, numbers, seasons, animals and opposites.


Disney Book Collections That Are Frozen And Go To Infinity & Beyond!

One thing that is really cool about our range of Disney books is that we do have a few collections that are all about a particular Disney theme. That is what we are looking at here if your child is more particular about what they like these collections are more likely something they will get into.


My First Library Toy Story

With our My First Library Toy Story collection, you will certainly have a friend in me! You do not get much more awesome than Toy Story! With this 12 book set, Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Rex and the rest of the gang are here to inspire your child to read. Books about playing, noisy toys, feelings and even things like letters and numbers are included with this fantastic set.


My First Library Disney Frozen

When you give a child this My First Library Disney Frozen they will never want to “Let it Go”. These are 12 really fun stories that will help your child really learn to love reading. Stories like Anna’s Big Day, Elsa’s Magic, Olaf the Snowman and many more feature Frozen fun and some great artwork of all their favorite characters. All of the stories featured in this collection are more fun than an afternoon on the beach with Olaf!


Disney Pixar My First Library

Now we have the best of the best when it comes to Pixar thanks to this Disney Pixar My First Library. Toy Story, Cars, Wall-E, Nemo and more are all featured in this action-packed 12 books set that is showcasing the very best that those animation wizards at Pixar have to offer. This is the perfect collection for a child who is more into the Pixar side of Disney than the classics.


These are some of the best Disney books around and as you get 12 in each pack, they offer some of the best value for money as well.

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