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How Disney Books Can Inspire A Child 0

One of the things that we are most proud of here at Dave’s Deals is our incredible selection of Disney Books that we have in our Disney Products section of the site. We are always adding in new products here, products that feature all your child’s (and yours too! ) Disney characters and movies.

While these are a lot of fun, we have found that books, toys, games and even the movies and TV shows that feature Disney characters can have a really positive effect on a child. Today we are looking at not just some of the Disney products we have, but also why your child can benefit a great deal from having a little more Disney magic in their books.


They Make Your Child Want To Learn To Read

Look, we all know that there are a ton of great books out there, but Disney books. They are something special. By introducing a child to the world of Disney from as young an age as possible. You are showing them that reading can be fun and also you are inspiring them to want to learn to read.

A great example of this is our Disney Lets Learn My First Library. This is a great set that contains 12 different books in their own little library for your child to carry around with them.  These are very simple books that have a lot of pictures in them. They are also board books so they can take a bit of a beating too. Books like this are a great way to help your child learn letters and how basic words are formed.


They Are Rich In History

One of the coolest things about sharing a love of Disney with a child is that there is just so much history to choose from. Us adults all grew up with our favourites and now we can share these with our kids. Not only that, it is awesome watching a child find their own Disney characters, shows, and movies that they love and wanting to share them with you.

The amount of characters that Disney have is staggering and we have them all here. From something that is really classic like Mickey Mouse to something more moderns such as Moana. There really is a Disney character, hero, princess, villain or whatever for every child out there. No matter what your child’s personality is like, there will be a Disney character for them.


They Feature Beautiful Artwork

One thing that all of the Disney books we offer have in common is their artwork. Disney always brings their A-game when it comes to capturing their characters in books. Something like our Incredibles 2 Look & Find Book showcases some awesome action scenes that kids will get a major kick out of. Plus, they will love how close to the real thing they look. One thing you can always count on with Disney is that they never let their characters look bad, be it in a book or as a toy.

Even a book like this Disney Princess - Time To Be A Princess Play-a-Sound Book with Interactive Clock which at first looks like it is just all about having fun. It will also be something that little want to be Disney Princesses will love as the book features some very lovely



They Make Books For Kids Of All Ages

You are never too old for Disney is what many people say and that is something that really is true. You get these fantastic books that are aimed at very, very young Disney fans. Disney Baby Play-a-Sound - Head to Toe! and Mickey Mouse My First Library are two great examples of Disney books that are aimed at pre-school aged kids. We have a ton of great books that are all aimed at introducing children to the wonderful world of books, reading and of course Disney!

One way which Disney has targeted a whole new fanbase is with their acquisition of things like Marvel and Star Wars. We have some great books based on Star Wars and Marvel here at Dave’s Deals such as this awesome Star Wars Bubble Magnet Book Set that has proven to be really popular. Disney manages to be something that kids no matter if they are 2, 10 or even 15 will think is cool. Sure, what they think is “cool” may differ, but Disney will have something for them.


Star Wars & Marvel Are Part Of Disney Now

We just touched on this before, but we have a ton of different Marvel and Star Wars products for you to check out. Disney has been very clever with how they have used characters from both these massive franchises. They tend to offer what they offer for a character like Mickey Mouse an alternative with say, Spider-Man or Kylo Ren.

If you look at something like this Wars The Force Awakens (Book And Flashlight Set) for example. You will notice that it is made with the exact same kind of care and attention to detail that other Disney books starring characters like Winnie the Pooh, Belle and Mickey Mouse are.


Reading Disney Stories Makes Reading Fun

Kids have more distractions now than ever before so getting them to see that reading can be fun can be hard for a parent to do. It does not always help when the books they are reading at school are the same books that you read there 20 or so years ago! The worst thing that can happen is for a child to think that reading is boring. Well, one thing we can all agree on with Disney is that Disney is far from boring.

While they have some great story, books based on some of their characters. They also have more interactive ways for your child to develop a love for reading such as this The Lion King - Piano Book Board Mini Deluxe and the recently released, Toy Story 4 - Little Sound Book. Books such as these really do make reading fun for kids and that is what you really want them to associate reading with.



These are just a few of the reasons why reading Disney books can inspire a child to have a real love for reading. We have some awesome books here for you to look at, that we are sure your child will have a lot of fun with. 

Look and Find Your Favourite Disney Characters 0

We have some great Disney books as part of our Disney products page. Books for kids of all ages and books for all kinds of Disney fans. One type of book that we have which has proven to be very popular is our Disney Look and Find Books. These come in all kinds of styles and no matter if your child is addicted to Moana or will sit and watch Disney Junior for hours on end, we have the perfect book for them.

Getting a child, a book like this is great in a few different ways. First of all, each of the books we are looking at today is filled with wonderful Disney artwork. In addition to that, these Look and Find books from Disney are a great way to get your child thinking as they take in the latest adventures of The Incredibles, the fast antics of Mickey & The Roadsters and the fun of the Disney Princesses.

First Look and Find Books

These are perfect for really younger children. These Disney Look & Find books are designed with little kids in mind. Each page will show a fun Disney scene and then your child has to find the different items.


First Look & Find Winnie the Pooh

You do not get much more adorable than this First Look & Find Winnie the Pooh. What makes this such a fun book is that cute as a button Winnie the Pooh and all of his buddies from the 100 Acre Wood. Kids will have fun trying to find food for Rabbit, Eeyore’s house and many other awesome items that Pooh and his friends need.


First Look & Find Disney Princess

Your child will have a great time reading this First Look & Find Disney Princess with you. Little kids can have big dreams of being a Disney Princess and this is a book that can help them with that. The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Mulan are just some of the Disney classics that are in this book. Read along with your child as they try and find the hidden items on each page.


Mickey And The Roadster Racers

In this awesome Mickey And The Roadster Racers book. Your child with the help of you and perhaps Toodles if you can get him to help! Will need to find the different Roadsters and also other items like car wheels and so on so that Mickey and his pals are ready for the next race. Kids who like the show will have a great deal of fun with this and it is easy to see why it is one of our most popular Disney books.


My First Look And Find: Jake And The Netherland Pirates

Go to Neverland with Jake and the rest of the pirates in this action packed My First Look And Find Jake And The Netherland Pirates book. This is one of the most popular Disney Junior shows around. Your child will need to pay attention to make sure that Hook and Sharkey and Bones stop causing trouble! With great artwork from the show and a fun little story running through it. This is one of the most fun and Look & Find books in our whole Disney collection!


Disney - ABCs First Look and Find

In this Disney - ABCs First Look and Find book your child gets to play with all kinds of Disney characters. Mike, Mickey, Raja and many more. There is a great mix here! Each page has its own theme. For example one sees your child needing to help Mike and Sully find all the items at the playground.


Disney Princess Look & Find Books

When it comes to Disney books these look & find books based on the most popular Disney Princesses have proven to be very popular. These books are aimed at kids who are looking for more of a challenge.


Look & Find Tangled the Series

The Tangled series has proven to be very popular and with this fantastic Look & Find Tangled the Series book. Your child can now join characters like Rapunzel and the dashing Flynn Ryder as they try to find all of the missing items on each page. One of the things that is cool about this is that while cute, it also captures the humour of the show very well too.


Look & Find Dream Big Princesses

This Look & Find Dream Big Princesses is one of the best Disney books we have! It has eight different scenes featuring some of the best Disney Princesses. Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Tiana, Pocahontas and Cinderella each have their own story and items for your child to experience.


Look & Find Disney Moana

This island paradise needs a helping hand to find the missing items. In this Look & Find Disney Moana book, your child needs to help the character’s from the movie. It features not just Moana, but the awesome Maui and also Moana’s friends Hei, Hei, and Pua. This has a nice mix of tricky and easy items for your child to locate.


Action Packed Look & Find Books

These are the Disney books in the look and find category that offer more of a punch than dance! These show that kids who like Disney also like stuff that is more action based!


Star Wars The Last Jedi - Look and Find

Do not worry you do not need to hop in an X-Wing and fly to a galaxy far, far away to find the missing items in this Star Wars The Last Jedi - Look and Find book. This features action packed scenes from The Last Jedi where you need to find Porgs, ships and many other cool and fun items from the silver screen.


Incredibles 2 Look and Find

Just because they have saved the world in two movies does not mean that their job is done. That is proven true in this awesome Incredibles 2 Look and Find book! Join the ultimate superhero family as you help them track down different items that will help save the day. You can only find the hidden items in this book if you are a real her!


Disney Ralph Breaks The Internet Look and Find

Poor Ralph just cannot seem to avoid getting into trouble. Do not worry though as Vanellope and your child are here in this Disney Ralph Breaks The Internet Look and Find book to help him out. Find different items and characters from the hit movie and have a great time while doing it!



These are some of the most fun Disney Books that we have here at Dave’s Deal. If you want to get a book that is a bit more “interactive” and will encourage your child to think as well as read, you cannot go wrong with one of these.

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