The Latest About Harry Potter Every Potterhead Should Know


Hey Potterheads! For sure, you've been waiting for the latest buzz about Harry Potter, and yes, you've landed the right place where you can get it. Let's get started!

Harry Potter's latest Android game out now

All Potterheads who loves various forms of Harry Potter collections will surely rejoice: They can now download the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game from Google Play.

This Harry Potter roleplaying game sets any player to an adventure in the world of wizardry, right before Harry Potter got his Hogwarts Letter.  Google Play listed all the amazing features of this game such as attending classes to learn and master magical skills like casting spells and brewing potions, unlocking new characters, spells, potions and locations as the player advances through the years of Hogwarts, using magical skills to investigate mysteries at Hogwarts, and many more.

harry potter hogwarts mystery mobile game

Aside from the said features, Google Play didn't forget to list the great benefits of this game to friendships such as bonding with housemates to win the House Cup, going on quests to help friends and fellow students, and earning respect and building relationships by adventuring together.

What will make you wow with this game is that any Android user can download it for free, but there are some in-app items that can only be obtained through purchasing them using the accepted payment methods on Google Play.

For Potterheads who are iOS users, no updates yet as to when the game will be released on the Apple Store, but who knows, it might magically appear there -- just have a little faith and say, Alohomora! Nah, kidding aside, this app game's developers said iOS users will have to wait for the release.

Fantastic Beasts VR experience already released

Pottermore, the world's number one online source of all things Harry Potter, just recently announced the release of Fantastic Beasrs Virtual Reality (VR) experience. All the Potterheads need to do is just to wear a pair of VR glasses and they'll be all set to get up close and personal with a number Newt Scamander’s famous beasts. Pottermore adds that aside from wearing VR glasses, Fantastic Beasts VR experience also requires plugging in some headphones to hear Eddie Redmayne channel Newt Scamander straight to the user's ears.

fantastic beasts vr experience

Just head to Pottermore's website to get the full details of this flabbergasting VR experience. For now, those are just the coolest Harry Potter updates you have to know. 


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