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Would you believe that the reason why we got curious to see the classic The World of Peter Rabbit Movie in DVD was because my kids love rabbits? I thought only my kids would enjoy this Beatrix Potter movie, but nope, we have also enjoyed it even if we’re no longer kids.

The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends tells the wonderful adventure story of Peter Rabbit and other animal characters made by Beatrix Potters innately creative mind. The full series was released into a DVD movie in 2003. Usually, my kids are so noisy when watching any of their favourite TV series, but this Peter Rabbit movie left them speechless (also me – I was completely speechless while watching this DVD movie with them because this has been one of the excellent animation movies I’ve ever seen aside from The Lion King and Mulan) while their eyes looked amazed. It’s probably because each episode in this Peter Rabbit movie has animated sequences that were gorgeously crafted. Each episode in this Peter Rabbit has storyline that’s superb; it’s as if we’re watching a completely distinct animation tale created in a parallel universe.  To be honest, The World of Peter Rabbit could level up with the enchanting tale of Alice in Wonderland. I could say that those who produced The World of Peter Rabbit Movie totally did a great job by bringing this children’s book hit into life.

the world of peter rabbit

I don’t want to sound like an annoying spoiler so if I’ve already caught your interest, better purchase a copy of The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends. I’d suggest for you to get it from online stores that offer the best deals because for me, it’s hard to find a copy of this Beatrix Potter movie in physical stores out there. 

By the way, I’ve just found out that a movie featuring Peter Rabbit will be released this 2018 starring Margot Robbie (that beautiful actress who played as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad, 2016). Because of The World of Peter Rabbit Movie, I and my kids are so excited to see this newest Peter Rabbit movie in theatres soon.

the world of peter rabbit collectionThe World of Peter Rabbit and Friends is truly a fascinating animation movie, fascinating to the point that we would love to have some rabbits as our pets. But hey, since we don’t have yet enough time to check out the nearest pet stores to get some rabbits to take care of, we’ve just bought Peter Rabbit books for my kids so that they could still be with the Peter Rabbit characters even only in a printed material. We’ve got The World of Peter Rabbit - The Complete Original Collection of Tales 1-23 In Gift Box Set Collection online, and as of this writing, my kids can’t stop reading this box set.

Since I also have a nephew whose 5th birthday is a few weeks from now, I also secured some Peter Rabbit toys as a gift for him. It’s not that I’m trying to dictate his young taste, but I’m pretty sure he would love these Peter Rabbit toys because my kids and I enjoyed the Peter Rabbit movie. These cute toys I bought might encourage my nephew’s entire family to see the Peter Rabbit movie if they have never seen it yet.

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