Why your Kids Should Watch Shimmer and Shine


Shimmer and Shine is a Nickelodeon masterpiece that tells a story about the whimsical adventures of genie twin Shimmer and Shine with their best buddy named Leah. Leah seeks help from the genie twin sisters for the shortcomings she’s dealing with. Shimmer and Shine granted three wishes of Leah to solve her problems, however, while they are resolving Leah’s dilemmas, a series of chaos turned up.

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Shimmer and Shine has been a lovely animated series for kids in the United States, Canada, and of course, Australia. We’ve gathered real reviews in Australia about Shimmer and Shine to convince you why your kids should watch Shimmer and Shine and here they are:

  • The story very impressive. It can make kids’ imagination go wild because summoning a genie is definitely a fantasy of every kid out there. While it’s good to believe that everything we want should be accompanied with hard work, discipline, and perseverance, it’s not that bad to believe in the beauty of magic brought by genies. Summoning a genie can be likened to having a leap of faith while wishing for the best things to come, so Shimmer and Shine will surely make your kids realize the greatness of believing in the power of dreaming.
  • Shimmer and Shine is adorable. Reviews revealed that kids all over the world gets obsessed with Shimmer and Shine upon watching a few of its episodes because it’s not just a funny cartoon treat, it also imparts the greatest lesson every kid should know: having a positive attitude despite all odds.
  • A great source of good moral lesson. As mentioned above, Shimmer and Shine teaches kids how to believe and how to stay positive. In addition, it teaches kids the value of friendship because Shimmer and Shine shows how friends can rely to each other when times get rough.
  • Shimmer and Shine can match the charm of other Disney stories kids have already loved. Simply put, Shimmer and Shine is definitely an awesome animated series.

Shimmer and Shine: Double Trouble Episode

Credits: Nick Jr.

If you would introduce your kids to Shimmer and Shine, make it a smashing introduction by getting them some Shimmer and Shine toys in Australia online stores out there. Shimmer and Shine merchandise such as Shimmer and Shine games and Shimmer and Shine dolls are the perfect tools to spark your kids’ curiosity about Shimmer and Shine. And of course, what comes next when they’re curious? They will find themselves watching Shimmer and Shine.

One of the bestselling Shimmer and Shine toys Australian kids have been enjoying is the Shimmer and Learning Book with Magnetic Drawing Pad because it’s not just a toy, but it’s also a fun educational material. Also, little Australian kids love the Shimmer and Shine – Sparkle and Sing Play-a-Song Little Music Note Book because it includes Shimmer and Shine familiar tunes from the Shimmer and Shine animated series.

For Shimmer and Shine games, we’ve found out that kids in Australia include Shimmer and Shine – Look and Find in their kiddie wish list. We can’t blame them because it’s not just a book with fun-filled Shimmer and Shine illustrated stories, it also comes with hidden surprises and bonus challenges.

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