Wind-Up Owl Family


The My Studio Girl line of creative sets a truly fantastic and this is one that any kid is going to have a lot of fun with. This is the Wind-Up Owl Family set and the idea is that they create an owl mummy and two... Whatever baby owls are called. The way that your child does this is with this super safe dough that is nice, soft, easy to use and also very firm when it is in place. What makes this set different from other dough sets is that it comes with these little feet. 

These feet go into the bottom of the mummy owl and she can walk, even cooler is that she can pull her two kids along with her which is a lot of fun. While the goal of the set is to make the owl family. Once she has done that she can use the dough to make whatever she can imagine. 


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  • Jason Delacey
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