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Green Eye Sparkle 0

These awesome diamond art sets from the people at DIAMOND DOTZ® have proven to be a huge hit. These are great for people who love to relax and create something cool. What is neat about these types of sets is that you do not have to be at 100 percent concentration, you can relax watching TV while you do this. This set here is the Green Eye Sparkle by DIAMOND DOTZ® set and it is ideal if you love cats or are looking for a fun kit for someone who does.

This comes with all the little diamond pieces, a stylus, and the sheet to put them on. It is very simple to do and also very relaxing. You just put the right colours where they need to go and once it is all done you have a cat with the cutest green eyes to put in a frame. At a little over five bucks, this is a great way to see if the world of DIAMOND DOTZ® is for you.


  • Jason Delacey

Koala Snack by DIAMOND DOTZÂ 0

These Diamond Dotza art sets have proven to be very popular. While cross stitch has been around for what feels like forever. Diamond Dotza is a kind of different take on that. Instead of needle and thread, you use a little stylus and these beads that look like little diamonds. You gently place them on the right spot and then when you are done you have a really cool picture. 

This particular set is the Koala Snack by DIAMOND DOTZÂ one and it really is adorable. The image is quite large so it make for quite a good challenge to even the most hardcore arts and crafts fan. If you are looking for a new hobby or special gift for someone who loves their arts and crafts, this set is something you cannot go wrong with. 


  • Jason Delacey

Wind-Up Owl Family 0

  • Jason Delacey

My Studio Girl - Sew Your Own Show Ponies: Starlight 0

If you know a child who loves to make things and who loves ponies and all things cute. You cannot go wrong with this fantastic My Studio Girl - Sew Your Own Show Ponies: Starlight craft kit. This may seem super complicated, but it only has 27 pieces. Not only that this is made to teach a kid the basics of sewing and it does it very well. All of the holes are pre-punched and everything in here is child safe.

Once they are done they have an adorable little pony that they can place on their shelf with pride. Or maybe they will love it so much that the snuggle up with it at night? It even comes with a little adoption certificate so that they can name it. At well under 20 bucks this is a great idea for a child with a creative side.


  • Jason Delacey
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