Children's Chess 0

Chess is an awesome game for a child to learn how to play. Not only is chess a game that is a ton of fun. Chess is also more of a thinking person’s kind of game so it is something that is going to really encourage them to think a few moves ahead and that is pretty cool. At under 20 bucks, this really does make for a nice and thoughtful gift. Not to mention they are going to have a lot of fun with it.

What makes this the perfect chess set for a child is that it actually teaches them how to play. It comes with a book that explains the basics and teaches them the rules. But the game board also gives information for what each piece can do, where it can go and so on. Eventually, your child will be a chess wiz!


  • Jason Delacey

I Spy Eagle Eye 0

Here is a fun game for the whole family that is very easy to set up, very easy to learn the rules of and also very addictive. This I Spy Eagle Eye game is a game where the person who has eyes like a hawk is going to win. The idea is very simple. You each get a card and on that card are a bunch of objects. There is a larger board that is full of objects and it is up to you to find one of the objects on your card, you do this and you ring the bell and you get the point.

It is a game that requires concentration, but as you will all be laughing and having fun it makes it so much tougher than you would think. It may not seem like the most obvious game for family game night, but I Spy Eagle Eye is a game the whole family can enjoy.


  • Jason Delacey

5 Second Rule Board 0

There is nothing more awesome than family game night and 5 Second Rule Board Game is the perfect game to get a lot of laughs from the whole family. The 5 Second Rule Board Game is perfect for 3 to 6 player and can be enjoyed by anyone who is ages 8 and up. It is one of those games that in theory is very simple, but it will have you scrambling like a maniac trying to get your answer out.











So what do you have to do? Well, the goal is to be the first player to reach the finish. But to do that you have to answer some very interesting questions. You will have to do things like answer, name three books turned into movies, name three things beginning with the letter S and so on. These sound easy, but when you only have five seconds to give three answers and you have the rest of the family pointing and laughing it can be tough!

The 5 Second Rule Board Game is a lot of fun and a game that the whole family can enjoy.


  • Jason Delacey

Fingerlings Card Game with Figurine 0

No one knows for sure when these Fingerlings creatures took over the world, but one thing that is for sure is that kids are in love with these critters! For under ten bucks you are getting a great gift for a child with this Fingerlings Card Game with Figurine package. It actually comes with an adorable little Fingerling figure that they can add to their collection or use as a mascot for when they play.

The actual game is fun, it is like snap and pairs mixed into one and it is a race to see who can match up the most Fingerlings. For a child who is into Fingerlings, this is a great and very affordable gift idea.


  • Jason Delacey