Marvel Spiderman Face Off Dice


Spider-Man, you know that they say he does whatever a spider can? Well in the case of Marvel Spiderman Face Off Dice Game this is half Spider-Man and half that evil and super strong Rhino! The idea of Marvel Spiderman Face Off Dice Game is kind of similar to the classic dice game Yahtzee, but this is way more fun. You play as either Spider-Man or Rhino and it is your job to get the highest score possible by assembling the ultimate team of heroes. 

If you are playing as Spider-Man you need to get characters like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. If you play as Rhino then your team will have characters like Rhino himself or Green Goblin. It is actually a really fun game to play and it also has a lot of strategy/gambling to it as you have to try and gauge if it is worth risking a few of your heroes to get some points. If you know a little webhead, this is a game they will have a lot of fun with. 


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  • Jason Delacey
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