Sheriff Callie's Matching Game


One of the more adorable and fun shows to land on Disney Junior the last couple of years has to be Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. This show brings the fun of the rooting tooting wild west and the heart of Disney. It is easy to see why so many little cowpokes have really taken a shine to this show. Well if you know a little fan this Sherriff Callie's Matching Game is the perfect gift for them. It is a fun and lovely game that the whole family can enjoy.

This set comes with 36 pairs of cards! One of the cool things is that while there are cards that feature some of the most popular characters such as, Callie, Toby, Speck, and Sparky. There are also other cards that have scenes from the show and other cool stuff like hearts, lassos and so on. It really will capture the imagination of a child who loves Sherriff Callie and her adventures in the wild west!


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  • Jason Delacey
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