Snakes & Ladders Giant Game


When it comes to classic games, you really do not get much more classic than Snakes & Ladders. Well, this Snakes & Ladders Giant Game is not just your average re-release of the game. This is above average in every single way! You see when they say that this is giant Snakes & Ladders they are not messing around. The game board is a massive, 80 x 65 CM in size! This means that your kids will have to actually get on the board to play it.



It comes not with a regular dice, but a large dice ball! The game unfolds onto the floor and once you are done you just wrap it all back up. It takes seconds to set up and the game is quite fast paced which keeps younger children from losing interest. At under 20 bucks, Snakes & Ladders Giant Game is something you and the kids are going to have a lot of fun with.



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  • Jason Delacey
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