Star Wars 6-in-1 Game Tin

If you want to go to a galaxy far, far away that is one heck of a trip, but if you have this awesome Star Wars 6-in-1 Game Tin to keep the kids occupied in the back of the X-Wing it will fell like a much faster trip. This is great for any kids that love Star Wars! For under 20 bucks you are getting six fun Star Wars games. These are classic games, but they have been given a Star Wars coat of paint which is what makes them even more fun. 

The six games included in the Star Wars 6-in-1 Game Tin are, Star Ship Race, Bingo, Dominos, Targetting Dice, Battling Matching and Galactic Spin. Each game features some great Star Wars images on it. Even a game like Bingo or Dominos is made better by having Kylo Ren, BB-8, Rey and all the other awesome characters as part of the game. 



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