How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Fish Card Game 0

When it comes to classic card games you do not get much more classic than Go Fish. Go Fish when played with regular playing cards can get a bit boring, but when you play the How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Fish Card Game it is way more exciting. This is a really fun way to breath some life (and of course some fire) into a classic card game and makes it fun for not just the kids, but the whole family.

The idea of the game is the same to make matching sets of the cards. These cards though have some of the best characters from the latest How To Train Your Dragon movie. Toothless, Stormfly, Meatlug, Hookfan and of course Barf and Belch are all included. This game though as the best human characters too such as Astrid and Hiccup. At only five bucks it is very easy to see why the How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Fish Card Game is so popular.


  • Jason Delacey

Fingerlings Press-O-Matic 0

For some strange reason, these Fingerlings seem to be something that kids all over the country have taken a real shine to. While the little toys are great and a lot of fun, this Fingerlings Press-O-Matic Game is great if you know a little Fingerling fan. One of the best things about this is that it only costs around 15 bucks so it makes for a fun, but very inexpensive gift.
The Fingerlings Press-O-Matic Game is actually very easy to play. Two to four players can get in on the action so it is a game that can be enjoyed by siblings or even the whole family. Each player gets to control one family of Fingerlings and the first player to get all of their Fingerlings around the board and back home is the winner. Part of the fun though is sending other players Fingerlings back home. This is a fun game, made even more fun by the Press-O-Matic Dice in the middle of the board!


  • Jason Delacey

Brain Quest Find Your Friends 0

Brain Quest Find Your Friends is a really fun game for younger children to play. It is the kind of game that is very easy to learn, quick to set up and fun to play. You do not have to worry about the kids losing interest before the game is even set up with this one! The idea of the game is kind of like hide and seek or even pairs where you have to match things up. It is a great game for helping your child learn how to focus and pay attention.

The game is super simple. Each player gets eight tokens. There is a game board and then there is a deck of cards. You take turns flipping over the card, the character on the card needs to be found on the board. The first player to figure out what character it is, needs to slam their token down on them! The first player to slam all their tokens wins. Brain Quest Find Your Friends is a really fun game and one that the whole family can have fun with.


  • Jason Delacey

Sesame Street Look and Find Activity Cards 0

If you want to get something that is fun to play with, but also something that is going to make them think. This awesome Sesame Street Look and Find Activity Cards set could be just what you have been looking for. Sesame Street has been educating kids and making them laugh and also think for years and this set of look and find cards has it all.

It all comes in a very nice tin that keeps the cards nice and safe. Not only that there are dividers to keep the different skill level cards separate which is really handy. The cards are double sided so there is a ton of different puzzles for them to do. Each card will have its own theme and items for them to find. For example, one card has Elmo and Ernie riding their bikes and you need to find things like a traffic cone and a flag. This is a great set and something that you can play together or they can play with on their own.


  • Jason Delacey
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