Dictionary Book Safe

If you know someone who is super hard to buy for then this Dictionary Book Safe could be a great gift idea for them. It looks just like a real book so when it is sitting on the shelf you would not give it a second look. However, this is some James Bond level of secrecy as when you remove the book it is actually a super durable safe that can be used to keep important things hidden away.

It comes with a set of keys so that only the person who this is for can get access to the hidden stuff that is inside! While this is a lot of fun the Dictionary Book Safe is also a really practical gift. They can use it to keep money in or important documents like passports and so on.


  • Jason Delacey

Barbie Dreamtopia Clicker Pen

We all know that at Christmas time or for a birthday finding those little gifts that can help pad out the present hall can be tough. Not only that finding the right “little gifts” that are also fun and not just going to be thrown in the bins a couple of days later requires more thinking and planning than a military operation…. Or you could just get something like this pretty awesome Barbie Dreamtopia Clicker Pen.

Yes, it is a pen, but this is a pen that has a cool Barbie logo on it. Also, there are three different designs and each one has its own Barbie on it so that is pretty cool. Plus this costs right around three bucks so it is great as a stocking stuffer or as an extra little gift.


  • Jason Delacey

My Wall Chart Pack School Work

This My Wall Chart Pack School Work pack is a great gift idea for a child who loves to learn and also a child who needs that little extra help. Included in this set are four colourful and attention grabbing all chats. Each one will teach and inspire a child in a different way. There is a large world map, one that teaches them words through the power of phonics and also a couple of math ones that teach them numbers all the way up to 100.

What is great about this and makes it something that is really good to have on a child’s wall. Is that each time they spend a few minutes looking at them or even just glancing at it. Their brain will be absorbing this information so it is going to help their development. Also, these look great so they are super fun for them to have on their wall.


  • Jason Delacey

Electric USB/Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener

The good folks at Scribbles Stationary love to make artists and those folks who have to write a lot lives way easier. The Electric USB/Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener is a perfect example of that. This handy little pencil sharpener can run off just two AA batteries. Or you can plug it into your computers USB port and run it off that. This is the kind of thing that may not sound super exciting, but you will wonder how you ever did without it.

The Electric USB/Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener comes with a USB cable which is very handy. Also, the section where all the pencil shavings go is fairly large so you do not even have to empty it all that often. If you are looking for a gift that is practical or maybe even something you can use yourself. This Electric USB/Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener is perfect.


  • Jason Delacey