Foileez Stickers Tropicana


For the child that loves arts and crafts, this Foileez Stickers Tropicana is a really cool gift idea. We all know that kids love to cover their room, their desk, their books and even parts of the house they are not allowed to with stickers!

Well, this set lets them create over 60 really funky, funny and cool stickers that they can have some fun with. What is really neat about this set is that it comes with sheets of foil and they can use this to make their stickers really pop, shine and be noticeable. There are all kinds of fun sticker designs in this set. These range from a monkey, mermaid, dolphin, flowers, birds and many more. They are really cool and they can even make them just the way they want thanks to the 30 different foil sheets that are included.



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  • Jason Delacey