C-P30 Tin Kaleidoscope


You do not need to be fluent in as many languages as C-3PO in order to know that this C-P30 Tin Kaleidoscope is awesome! There is so much Star Wars stuff out there these days it can be hard to find something new, unusual and also something that will stand out in a Star Wars fans collection. That is where something like this C-P30 Tin Kaleidoscope comes in. this is actually part of a series, but we can all agree that C-3PO is a great way to start.

Clearly, this is the kind of Star Wars collectible that will look great sitting on a shelf. What really makes this a neat addition to a Star Wars fantastic collection is that it actually works! When you put this up to your eye you will be taken away to a galaxy far, far away and see some cool different Star Wars pictures.


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  • Jason Delacey