Construct-It! 4-in-1 Construction Set 404 Piece Kit


This 4 in 1 set is one of the most action packed sets in the whole Construct It line! Included with this set are over 400 different pieces and the tools that are needed to use these pieces to make things.

This set comes with the plans to make four different vehicles. Your child can make an amazing helicopter that is ready for war. They can make a truck that can be used to move debris and do any maintenance work that is required in their toy box. They can make a little moon style rover and they can even make a little buggy that can give Lightning McQueen a run for his money. Not only is building these four different vehicles going to be something that is fun. It is also going to teach them the basics of engineering and make them think while they pay.

Speaking of which, thanks to the over 400 pieces, your child has a lot of different sized pieces that they can use to make all kinds of cool things that they can play with.


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  • Jason Delacey