Construct It Kit Platinum X – Black Hawk


If you know a child who loves to build things then the Construct It line is great. This is the new “Platinum” edition which uses even more impressive parts. This particular Construct It Kit Platinum X – Black Hawk model is one of the newer kits in the range and it is sure to be a huge hit. To start with this Black Hawk helicopter looks pretty awesome and it will be something they have a lot of fun with. It has an impressive 567 parts so it makes for a fun challenge.

It comes with all of the pieces and tool to build the helicopter. What is really cool is how it teaches them about basic engineering and gets them to think outside of the box. While building the helicopter is really cool, as this has over 500 pieces it means that they can have some real fun by making all kinds of amazing vehicles, buildings and whatever they can imagine.


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  • Jason Delacey