Construct It Kit Platinum X – Moto Cross


The Construct It line of toys is fantastic they offer kids a great way to learn all the while building some really cool stuff. It is like a cross between Meccano and Knex. The idea of this set is to build a really cool, fast and awesome Moto Cross bike. The set comes with all the bits that you need in order to make the Moto Cross bike as well as the little tools that are required to put all of the pieces in place.

At under ten bucks the Construct It Kit Platinum X – Moto Cross is one of the more affordable pieces in this line. It is a great introductory set and it would even work great as an extra piece to a kid who already know about the awesomeness of Construct It! A huge part of the fun of this set is that over 100 pieces so as well as the Moto Cross bike they can use these pieces to make other cool things.


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  • Jason Delacey