Construct It! - Ultimate SUV

Kids are loving the Construct It! Line of construction sets. These give kids all the fun, excitement and educational value of Meccano, but at a fraction of the price. This Construct It! - Ultimate SUV set is one of the larger sets in the line as it contains over 450 pieces! It makes one really cool SUV that can go off-road in the backyard or haul butt along the kitchen floor. Kids will love racing this all over the house! 

One thing that is really fun is the way they have to learn some basic engineering to put it together. It comes with all the tools they need and the instructions are very easy to follow. As the Construct It! - Ultimate SUV has so many different pieces it means that once they have had their fun with the SUV, they can then use all these pieces to come up with their own vehicles, bases, robots or whatever their imagination can come up with.