Digital Drumsticks


If you know a little rock star who has visions of being the next Ringo Starr, Dave Grohl, Tico Torres or whoever… or maybe they just want to make a load of racket and drive you insane! Anyway, if you do not want to go all in with a full drum set then these Digital Drumsticks are the next big thing and they are also a whole lot of fun. These make all different kinds of drum sounds and they even have a rhythm track so that your child can rock along to it. These Digital Drumsticks also have LED lights that allow them to really put on a rock star.

These things are a ton of fun and they do not take up a fraction of the space that an actual drum set would. So, if you do know a budding rock star or want to try and help inspire a child to have an interest in music. These Digital Drumsticks are going to go down like a Tommy Lee drum solo at a Motley Crue reunion concert!


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  • Jason Delacey