I Spy Dig In

Made for kids and big kids aged 5 years and up I Spy Dig In is a simple, but fun game that the whole family can enjoy. The idea of the game could not be any more simple. You place all of the pieces into the bowl and then each player gets a card. On the card are different items such as a bike, an anchor, a frog, and a top hat. The first player to find all of the items on their card wins the round. It is a fast and frantic kind of game and very addictive. 

One of the coolest things about I Spy Dig In is that you can put your own spin on how you play it. Do you have to find the exact colour of frog that is on your card or will you allow any colour? Do you time each other and take turns or do you all just jump in? Will you do it with a blindfold on? These are just a few of the fun variations that you can do.