Nickelodeon Slime - Hyper Blaster Pack


If you thought that super soakers were the root of all evil you have never felt the terror of having a child hunt you with this Nickelodeon Slime - Hyper Blaster Pack! This is something kids are going to have a blast with….. in the backyard of course! For some reason, slime is the in thing these days and Nickelodeon has jumped on this with some great slim based products.

This one here mixes the fun of making slim and the fun of a super soaker all in one. Once they have made the slim they can put it in the blaster and shoot anything they want. If you are brave you will be out in the backyard supervising as they do this, but I would not blame you if you did not! It comes with ten packets of slime (that they have to then make) so they are ready to go to slime war right away with this.


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  • Jason Delacey