Nickelodeon Slime - Instant Slime


How many of you guys have had the kids come to you and say “I saw this guy on YouTube make slime, it is super easy we should do it”? You agree to it only to end up with a kitchen that is all sticky and a trip to the hardware store to buy a plunger to unblock the mess in the sink!!!! If you have tried to make slime and it has been a nightmare, Nickelodeon is no longer here to just entertain your kids with countless episodes of SpongeBob! They have their own line of slime products.

This one here is under ten bucks and for ten bucks you can make 10 different batches of slime. If you broke it all down this is probably going to save you money in the long run and also the hassle of cleaning the kitchen after. This also works great with all of the Nickelodeon Slime playsets, blasters and other contraptions that you make the kids play with outside.



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  • Jason Delacey
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