Nickelodeon Slime Smash


When did making slime become the cool thing to do? Well, this Nickelodeon Slime Smash is really going to be something the kids love. They can play with this with the rest of the family or with their friends.

It comes with all they need to make the gooiest and the funkiest slime around. Plus as this is licensed by Nickelodeon that is something that will make the kids love this even more.What sets this apart from other slime making kits is that there is actually a game to be played her. Once they have made the smile, they put it inside these breakable eggs. Then with a spinner, they take turns seeing who gets the slime filled egg splatted of their heads. Is this game messy? Yes, it is! Is this game going to make a lot of noise? Yes, it is, but this game is also going to be a huge hit and something the kids have a blast with.


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  • Jason Delacey