Playskool Fold N' Go Elephant


If you have a curious and adventurous baby (we are talking Tommy Pickles from Rugrats here!) or you know someone who does. This adorable Playskool Fold N' Go Elephant is the perfect gift for that baby. The idea of this is for them to have a lot of fun and also discover lots of cool things. This elephant has seven different activities for them to have fun with. They can shake the rattle, make the elephant squeak, look at themselves in the mirror and touch different parts of him that feel different. There are all kinds of fun things that they can do with this elephant!

While the Playskool Fold N' Go Elephant is a lot of fun, it is also very practical. The idea of this is that it lays flat on the floor, but as the name suggests, the elephant can be folded up so it can be shoved in a bag as you guys go to visit grandma and grandpa. Also, the elephant is very easy to wash, they say you just throw him in a pillow case and he can go straight in the washing machine!


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  • Jason Delacey