Reasons Why Slinky Would Never Ever Get Killed By the Digital Era


Gone are the days when we’re simply drawn into playing brick games, Polly Pockets, nerf guns, Furby, or beanie babies. When you look around at kids everywhere these days, it’s truly saddening that they are just like those millennials who are typically fixated into their own gadgets.

One time, I visited a friend who has a 5-year-old kid. While I was at my friend’s humble abode, I just noticed the kid has been tuned in to mobile Youtube not just for an hour but 3 hours! My friend took the phone away from her kid and guess what? The kid cried in a deafening volume! It was a truly disheartening sight to see that this kid’s cognitive skills got a bit ruined because he gets introduced to a mobile device for playtime instead of interactive, physical toys.

slinky toy

Since I’m pretty concerned for the kid, I thought of getting him a playtime stuff that he would truly love. It’s called Slinky! I could attest to the fun it gives because iconic slinky toy could walk with me down the stairs, could let me do some petty Physics experiments, or could just simply kill my boredom while playing it using my two hands. Having said that, I’m confident that Slinky would never be thwarted by the guilty pleasure goodness of digital toys and gadgets out there and here are the best reasons why:

  • It never gets phased out. Slinky was invented in the 1940s and first came in a form of a metal slinky. As time goes by, the original metal slinky was developed into a plastic slinky so that it would be safer for kids to enjoy. Up until now that technology has wiped away some good old toys, Slinky is still available not only in leading stores but also online.
  • You can do a lot tricks with Slinky. While most people have already moved on from nerf guns, pogs, or Tamagotchi because these toys could only do so much, people will never move on from the usefulness of Slinky -- no wonder why it’s still available and best-selling worldwide. You can dance along with Slinky, wear some pieces of Slinky as hand accessories, do some magic tricks with it if you’re a trained magician, or organize some kiddie science experiments such as showing how sound waves work or how earthquakes work.
  • It’s a toy that’s great for boys, girls, teens, and even adults. No matter what age you are, when you see Slinky falls down into places, the odd satisfaction slinky could bring is truly ineffable just like those oddly satisfying visual art videos you’ve seen on Youtube or Facebook. As mentioned, there are a lot of things everyone can do with Slinky, that’s why it’s highly likeable by everyone. And if something is highly likeable, of course, it stays for too long.

original metal slinky

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Anyway, I’ve changed my mind, I would not only purchase a slinky toy for my friend’s kid, I would also buy an original Metal slinky for myself online. Hey, get one for yourself if you’re already missing it.

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  • Don Garcia