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Let go of that classic Lego or other building block games are too common for you to purchase for the mean time. If you want to get somewhat similar yet look something new, why not try to check out and get some Zoob Toys Online?

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Zoob Overview

Zoob is an innovative building set with a difference. It is not just an enjoyable toy for kids, but also for young adults and kids at heart. This building set comes with 5 unique pieces, each inspired by the appearance of deoxyribonucleic acid's nucleotides. This award-winning toy lets anyone become creative because upon putting the pieces together, the pieces are still movable. You can either follow the instructions that come with Zoob or explore and create your own incredible Zoob model. Zoob toys were created and distributed by ALEX Brands.

According to ALEX Brands, Zoob "captures the dynamic movement based on the way things move in nature instead of using traditional stacking connections, so the pieces are interactive when connected and they can create toys to play with."

Where can I buy Zoob toys?

Of course, for that wonderful question, the wonderful answer is: Dave's Deals! At Dave's Deals, there are a lot of Zoob toy collections you can choose from. Not only that, Dave's Deals takes pride in offering quality Zoob toys at their best and lowest prices.

Dave’s Deals Best Selling Zoob Toys

Based on the recent number of purchases we’ve got just for the Zoob toys, here are the top Zoob toys we can highly recommend for you:

ZOOB 500 Piece Building Set - Includes 6 user-friendly instructions so that anyone can build 50 Zoob models. What we love about this Zoob toy is that, since it has 500 Zoob pieces, anyone can be productive during free time. Yes, you read it right, productive -- because an hour or two spent building Zoob pieces develops creativity, and developing creativity is a productive activity. Of course, we need creativity in everyday life. Anyway, the ZOOB 500 Piece Building Set highlights STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles. So that means this building set is also perfect for grade school activities. If you think that this Zoob 500-piece set is only limited to creating Zoob models (such as Megabite, the shark or a ZOOB purse), you'll be surprised that this Zoob toy will also let you create your own model, depending on the level of your resourcefulness and creativity.

  • ZOOB RacerZ Mini 4 Wheeler - This one's absolutely perfect for race car fans who happen to be curious about Zoob toys. It's a Zoob starter set that's truly fascinating as it highlights Zoob on Wheels. This set comes with 12 Zoob pieces, an instruction guide and wheels that can also be used as gears. Isn't this set amazing? Whoever's a brainchild of this Zoob set deserves kudos.\
  • ZOOB 250 Piece Building Set - If you're overwhelmed at the thought of getting the 500-Piece Zoob, better start with this 250-piece set to get the hang of Zoob toys. This is one of the most popular and commonly sold Zoob toy because it's perfect for starters. Zoob noobs truly loves this set because it's convenient to transport, doesn't require special bases and tables, and lets any starter and user build up to 23 Zoob model.
    ZOOB 60 Piece Creepy Glow Creatures - Apparently, as the name of the set suggests, this seems to be perfect for outdoor night time activity. The Zoob 60-piece Creepy Glow Creatures includes 58 gloomy colored ZOOB pieces, plus 2 glow-in-the-dark Zoobs. We've tried to explore this Zoob and we indeed enjoyed building creepy creatures because of the oddly satisfying light that comes from the glow in the dark Zoobs. Oh, not to forget, we were able to stick the Zoob models we created from this set on our office walls. Kids would love this because they can use the creepy Zoob creatures as addition to their room decorations.

    The list goes on for the best Zoob finds you can get from Dave's Deals. Just search for the collection using the keyword Zoob and see for yourself.