SmartLab Toys Aftershock! Earthquake Lab


SmartLab has made some really cool educational toys over the years, but this SmartLab Toys Aftershock! Earthquake Lab is one that really will “shake” things up. This is a really fun thing for any child. The idea of this is that your child will build buildings and then set off an earthquake to see the devastating effects. While this is fun and cool, it also will teach them about how earthquakes work and what devastation they can cause on all kinds of buildings.

The SmartLab Toys Aftershock! Earthquake Lab comes with a lot of different pieces so that your child can build all kinds of structures. Ranging from a standard house to a skyscraper. Can they figure out a way to build an earthquake-proof house? Well, that is the aim here. This really is a fantastic purchase and ideal if you want something that is not just about fun but is also going to ensure they are learning as they are having fun.


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  • Jason Delacey