SmartLab Toys Bug Playground


The good folks at SmartLab make some great products that not only let kids have some fun they also let them learn as they do. While this SmartLab Toys Bug Playground may make shivers run up and down mum and dad’s spine. It is something that the kids will have a lot of fun with. This is a complete enclosure that has all kinds of fun things for bugs to get up to once your child has captured them. In this, they can climb on the jungle Jim, go down a slide and much more.

Do not worry, once the bugs are in here, they are in here for good so you will not have them all over the house. A really cool addition to the SmartLab Toys Bug Playground is that it comes with a great guide that teaches your child about different bugs. It will teach them what kind of bugs to look for and what kind of bugs to stay away from. If you have or know a child who likes creepy crawlies and has an interest in science this is going to be a gift, they have a great deal of fun with.


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  • Jason Delacey