SmartLab Toys Ultimate Vortex Generator


As a parent, it is impossible not to love the products that the egg heads at SmartLab keep releasing. These people are dedicated to making sure that kids have fun, but that they are also learning and being inspired as they have fun. This SmartLab Toys Ultimate Vortex Generator is one of the coolest sets that they have put out in recent years and it is very easy to see why. Your child is going to feel like a real scientist as they do the 20 different experiments that this offers.

The idea is that they learn about physics and even nature as they find out what makes a vortex work. They can make some really crazy stuff happen and the way that they will be getting an understanding of why this is happening is actually really cool. If you are looking for a gift that is not just something that is fun and will be forgotten about in a week. Then the SmartLab Toys Ultimate Vortex Generator is perfect. What they learn while using this will serve them well while they are at school and could very well inspire them to have a real interest in science.


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  • Jason Delacey
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