The Cra-z-Art Magtastix - 44 Piece Mag-Tech Racer


The Cra-z-Art Magtastix - 44 Piece Mag-Tech Racer is cool, advanced and so much fun that your child will think this is a toy from the future. There are all kinds of awesome creative construction toys on the market these days, but Magtastix is doing something very different to what all the others are doing.

There is no sticking things together, no screwing things together and that is because Magtastix is all about building with the power of magnets.This set is going to allow your child to build a really cool racing car. They do this by putting the pieces together in the right way. What is extra cool is that they can also use the pieces to make things other than the racing car! It is not only a toy that is a lot of fun, but this also has buckets of educational value. This toy line often appears on best educational toy lists because your child is not just having fun they are learning while they do it.


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  • Jason Delacey