The Wiggles Wooden Clock


The Wiggles! If you are a parent, aunt, uncle or just a good friend of someone who knows kids. You have at least once been driven insane by The Wiggles. In all seriousness, The Wiggles are great for kids. They are not only a whole lot of fun for them, but they also teach kids many different things too. The same can be said for some of The Wiggles toys such as this really cool The Wiggles Wooden Clock.

What is really neat about this is that it is actually a game as well as an educational toy. The numbers can be pulled out of the clock and behind each number is a fun image. This will help teach kids their numbers. It also comes with a couple of dice that when you roll, you need to set the clock to that time. So it also helps teach kids about the time, in all this is a really cool gift for any little Wiggles fan. 



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  • Jason Delacey
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