Rainbow Glitter Unicorns

Finding arts and crafts kits that are fun and also pretty cool can be rather tough, but this Rainbow Glitter Unicorns set is both. Kids love unicorns these days and with this set, they get all they need to make two really nice and pretty and also shiny unicorns. They can make a mummy unicorn and a baby unicorn with this set. It is very easy to do and they place the clay and the 3D glitter where they would like. This set makes it as easy to do as possible!

Once they are done, they will have these really cool unicorn figures. These are quite robust so they are something that they can have on display or they can actually play with them. These are great and basic art kits that would be ideal for a child who is just developing a love for making things. Plus, you do not have to worry about these making a mess as you do with other craft kits.


  • Jason Delacey

Indoor Clothesline

Indoor Clothesline??? Really??? Who wants that as a gift for someone else or even themselves? That is what you are saying right now, aren’t you? Well yes at first glance this Indoor Clothesline may not look like what you would class as a slam dunk gift idea. However, this is one of the most practical things you can buy a person or even yourself. Plus, this is currently being sold for five bucks so it is an absolute bargain!

The idea of the Indoor Clothesline is not rocket science it does exactly what the name suggests. You attach one side of it to a wall and then the hooks on the other. When you want to use it you pull it out, attach to the hooks and you have yourself a clothesline. What is actually great about this is that you can put this in your laundry room, or you could even actually put it outside. It gives you up to 48 feet of hanging room so you can fit a lot of clothes on here.


  • Jason Delacey

Musical Jewellery Box

For those of you who are looking for a bit more of a special and meaningful gift, this Musical Jewellery Box is perfect. It is truly lovely and it will serve as space where a little girl can keep all of her bling or anything that she thinks is special. It is made from high-quality wood and it has some very nice-looking art on it. A strong metal clasp and a pearl looking handle really does finish this off perfectly.

When opened the Musical Jewellery Box plays an adorable little song. Also, there is a dancing ballerina that will spin around. It really is very nice and it is something she will cherish for a very long time. Also, this thing can hold quite a lot of stuff so as well as being cute this is a Musical Jewellery Box that is also very practical. This is being sold for under 20 bucks so it is also a very affordable gift.


  • Jason Delacey

Best British Rock & Roll

The UK is home to some of the biggest rock acts of all time and this awesome Best British Rock & Roll offers over 70 classic hits that are spread across three CDs. If you know a lover of old school rock and roll from the UK, this is the perfect gift for them. No matter if they like to rock out in the car or in the house when no one else is home. The Best British Rock & Roll is an album that they are going to really enjoy.

A few of the classic British rockers on this set include Johnny Kid & The Pirates, Sir Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Don Lang, Terry White, Janice Peters and many more. For those who love their rock and roll, this really is a fantastic set.


  • Jason Delacey